No One Is “Speaking Of Amway”

I don’t write much about the Amway Global company anymore, because I’m no longer affiliated with the company and its products. But I still stop by and read the numerous blogs on the “Internets” that keep up with the happenings at the Amway corporation and the activities of its Independent Business Owners(IBOs).

Sadly, my main resource for Amway controversy and discussion, Quixtar Blog, has sat dormant for many months; although I recently checked in at the Quixtar Blog Discussion Forum and found that conversations are still being carried on, despite Quixtar Blog’s owner, Eric Janssen’s absence.

Recently, I tried to pay a visit to the “Speaking Of Amway” site ran by IBO, Chuck Lia. Chuck had written and moderated the Speaking Of Amway” blog for about a year when I left Quixtar/Amway. I had maintained a link to the blog under the MLM section of my “Links I Like” in my sidebar. Chuck had been kind enough to link back to “On The Road With Dave” at his blog.

Chuck always opened up his blog entries with “Speaking of Amway”….and then he would include a question about that entry’s topic.

Shortly, after I had dropped out of the daily Amway conversations, Chuck had been inviting guest columnists to write at his blog. It would appear that the site is now dead. Links to the site turn up a “Page Can Not Be Found” message and searches for the site only reveal cached pages with just text, minus any template style.

I suppose I could have missed the last entry announcing the site’s demise, but a short search of other Amway-related blogs turned up no evidence that the end of “Speaking Of Amway” was covered by any of the other usual bloggers on the subject.

Chuck…if you are still out there….I want you to know you had a good site that gave voice to both advocates and critics of Multi-level Marketing and Amway and I’ll miss ya. But, I also understand the challenges of keeping up a site on those subjects. It takes a lot out of you and takes you away from other things, even when you didn’t want it to.

I’ll be removing the link to the site, here at my blog. If “Speaking Of Amway” re-launches at some point in the future; let me know and I’ll be sure to let my readers know.

“Speaking of Amway…who will take its place?”

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