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At the end of May, I asked local readers of “On The Road With Dave” to vote for my blog as Best Blog or Website in Mobile, Alabama for Lagniappe Magazine.

Lagniappe sponsors the “Nappie” Awards annually and I really thought I had a shot at the award. Besides, my article here at the blog, I also contacted people on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. I received some feedback from many of my readers that had indeed voted for “On The Road With Dave” as Best Blog in Mobile, Alabama.

Next week, an awards show will be held at the historic Saenger Theatre, but unfortunately, I won’t be attending the festivities and picking up an award.

It seems that there was a flaw in the published ballots. I contacted Lagniappe Editor, Rob Holbert, and was informed that the printed ballots published in the magazine did not include the “Blog” category this year, even though the online ballot did include the category. It had been decided to drop the category from this year’s awards.

In response to an email I sent to Mr. Holbert, Rob apologized for “the snafu” and informed me that they will,

“definitely re-include it again next year as
we try to keep up with the growing number of blogs and Web sites.”

So, I’ll try again try next year. If you happened to have voted for me at the online ballot, thank you very much for the effort. It was still much appreciated.

And congrats in advance to all of this year’s winners. The winner’s issue of the magazine will be published in the next few weeks; be sure to pick up a copy of the newspaper free at local Mobile and Baldwin county newsstands every other Wednesday.

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