Thieves And Honest People

Being a victim is the worst feeling in the world.

Several years ago, a drug dealer crashed his motorcycle into the side of our car while my wife was driving it. He quickly picked up his gun that he dropped, hopped back on his motorcycle and sped away. He was later caught for another crime and through the proceedings was charged on other crimes, but not for hitting our car.

Sometime after that, the same car was stolen while it sat in the parking lot at our workplace. It was recovered a few days later. The thief did eventually go to jail for a short time (He also had other charges facing him as well)

Today, while buying some Chinese take-out food, my wife dropped her wallet in the parking lot of a shopping center in our town. When she discovered it missing, she and my son frantically searched for it for over an hour. Upon returning home, disgusted and disappointed, she was met by two honest women who had found the wallet several miles from the original location, with its contents scattered on the road.

The women found a voters registration card with our address on it and returned the contents. Except…My wife’s drivers’ license, her Social Security Card and all her cash from her paycheck. They told us where they found it and we drove to the scene to see if we could find anything else. We found a few bits of random paper, but no ID or cash.

The women stuck around and let us use their cell phone, while we called a police officer to write up a report for the inevitable visit to acquire new identification. We thanked them for their time and their honesty to at least return us to the scene and some of the wallet’s contents.

But somewhere tonight, thieves are enjoying the fruits of my wife’s labor and not their own. An entire paycheck is gone. The only silver lining to the incident is that if these thieves try to steal my wife’s identity they will sorely be disappointed with our credit rating…maybe creditors will call them now.

I’m saddened that I can’t understand why someone would not have just returned the wallet and the cash to one of the stores in the shopping center or found our address like the other two women and brought it back to us. I could not look upon finding someone else’s money as my good fortune and belonging to me. Couldn’t they have had the self-respect to know that taking that money was hurting someone else?

Being a victim sucks, being a thief is worse.

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2 Responses to Thieves And Honest People

  1. Curt Clapier says:

    Why did they bother returning the wallet if they were going to steal your identinty?

  2. The thieves did not return the wallet.

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