Tex and Dave: Not The Same

This is a special edition of “On The Road With Dave” with a Multi-level Marketing focus. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything regarding Amway and Quixtar; but it seems I have been pulled into a conspiracy theory at Doug Wead, The Blog

Doug Wead is a presidential historian, motivational speaker, author, and former Amway distributor. He recently wrote a few articles regarding MLM and Amway. As is the norm; on an Amway topic, “Tex”, of Tex’s Amway Global Blog, visited the blog and made some comments. Tex is currently commenting to a “David Black” at Doug Wead’s blog and the comments are heated.

David Black has assumed wrongly that Tex and I are one in the same, and he has “exposed” me on the blog. Those regular readers to “On The Road With Dave” might find that ridiculous, but I’m giving Mr Black the benefit of the doubt that he just did not read far enough in his research that “exposed” me.

Mr Black wrote me an email, that said he had “fixed my ass” at the Wead Blog. I didn’t know Doug Wead had a blog and had to do a search to find out what he was talking about. Mr. Black, let me assure you that I take the statement that I am a “Internet performance artist” that has created the personae of “Tex” as some kinda joke–as a compliment to my sheer genius; it is in no way the truth.

Here’s my email response to Mr Black:

It took me a few minutes to figure out what you were talking about.

But I’m afraid you are wrong.

I did start the Tex’s Amway Global Blog. Tex is a real person. Others have met him, including folks at Amway.




Tex spent many months commenting at a variety of Amway blogs and forums and was banned by many if not all.

I started the Tex blog to get his comments out on the web for judgement, approval or disapproval. It was announced at many blogs and their authors were and still are well aware of that we are two separate people.

Your theory that we are one in the same, would greatly disappoint Tex’s wife and kids as well as my wife and kids.

I’m sorry, but there is no joke. You judge Tex by his own words. You judge mine separately.


I think the real joke is that the Internet can spawn such controversy.


UPDATE AUGUST 2016: In 2011, all but a few entries at Tex’s Blog were archived due to a concluded legal battle between “Tex” and Amway Corporation.  Entries made by myself were recently added back to the blog.(Such as the blog introduction and holiday postings)  2 other entries remain at that blog and briefly explain the blog’s demise and recommends readers to another site.

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24 Responses to Tex and Dave: Not The Same

  1. The Big Apple says:


    Just over a year ago, you, Tex, Bridgett, IBOfightback, and I were in Prague together for the bloggers panel Alticor (Amway Global’s parent entity) put together. I have several pics of the two of you if both you and Tex agreed to allow me to post them.

    Please advise how you’d like me to proceed.

    The Big Apple

  2. The Big Apple says:

    Then I won’t; not a problem.


  3. Thanks BA,

    I appreciate it. Just you stating the fact that we are two separate people is good enough. I wouldn’t want to reveal Tex’s ID. Although I do have the photos with black bars still on my blog to protect everyone’s ID except me and David Steadson.

    I think someone with a high IQ could look(even with the bars) and decide me and Tex are not one in the same.

    You’re aces!


  4. Tex says:

    I’m still playing with David’s mind on Doug’s site.

    It’s HILARIOUS!!!

    Maybe I should have been the comedian/ventriloquist, Dave.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I’ve been wracking my brain since last night trying to figure out what I can add to this. I can’t prove you and Tex are not the same person. I just know – because I know you pretty well, and because I watched Tex get banned from Eric’s blog and most of the other Q blogs back in the day for being so damn annoying. No way that the sweet funny likeable Dave could possibly moonlight as the obstinate, single-minded Tex.

    How about this – I do know that both Dave and Tex went to Prague. You could ask ’em at Amway Global – they’ll tell you these are two different guys.

    Oh – and Dave’s a waaay better writer.

    Does that help?


  6. Anonymous says:

    I for one would be seriously offended if someone thought I was “tex”. LOL

  7. Tex says:


    No, it doesn’t help at all.


    I for one would be seriously offended if someone thought I was “anon”. LOL

  8. rocket says:

    Tex is not Dave

    Dave is not Tex

    Anyone who could confuse the 2 doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.

    Dave is charming, funny, friendly, open to other’s thoughts, non confrontational, not overbearing, and most of all, people like Dave.

    Dave doesn’t get banned everywhere he goes in cyberspace.

    Dave is not even in Amway anymore!

    Dave is smart.

    As for Tex, I’m sure he can do some things very well.

  9. SuperDu says:

    Hi, I’m Robin Luymes, Manager of Advertising/PR/Sponsorships for Amway Global. I also was in Prague, also as a panelist from the corporate side along with the Prague Five IBO bloggers. Dave is not Tex. Dave has longer hair, but Tex has more hair. Dave smokes, Tex doesn’t. Both are somewhat Southern, but then again, I’m in Michigan so just about everyone is south of us. Tex is taller. Than me. Dave is shorter. Than both of us.

    I toured “the castle” with Dave and three of the other bloggers. Tex went to the Jewish quarter, I think of Prague with Dino, I think. Dave and the other bloggers and I also went to a puppet shop. Tex did go out to dinner with all of us. I can’t remember what Tex ate, but Dave had a pig’s knee. Really …

  10. Tex says:

    Rockette is not Human

    Humn is not Rockette

    Anyone who could confuse the 2 doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.

    Tex is charming, funny, friendly, open to other’s thoughts, non confrontational, not overbearing, and most of all, people like Tex.

    Tex gets banned by many inferior blog in cyberspace.

    Rockette is not even in Amway anymore!

    Tex is smart.

    As for Rockette, I’m sure he can do some things very well.

  11. Tex says:


    Really? I thought there were only 4 bloggers! LOL

  12. Tex says:

    Oops! Forgot an “a” above, but the phrase bears repeating anyway.

    Rockette is not Human

    Human is not Rockette

  13. Porkchopjim says:

    Hilarious? Watching Tex skip all pretense and show that he is a racist kook to a whole new audience is priceless!

    Well, Dave – that’s the price you pay for associating yourself with Tex. Your momma should have warned you about the company you keep, and if she did, you should have listened. At least you have folks coming to your defense…Tex can’t seem to claim that same fortune. It must be because of the tool scam!

    The Tex Transparency Initiative – alive and well at the FTC!

  14. Tex says:


    Good to see my clear explanations are still going over your head. I was getting a little concerned you were finally “getting” it. LOL

    I don’t need defense from idiots like you, I don’t even WANT it. Just GO, pcjimmie! LOL

  15. Porkchopjim says:

    What clear ‘Texplainations’? Without any reason, jumping to calling someone “Jew-boy” and “Kike” doesn’t need much ‘Texplaination’, does it?

    It took you 12 years (around the same time as the Dateline program???) to ‘discover’ the ‘tool scam’. I ‘get’ it: you are a 50 yo failed Amway salesman who thought you’d save Amway by making your own ‘tool scam’ and finally get the rewards you think you should have.

    Let me be the first to point this out: you’ve gotten every ‘reward’ that you’ve earned.

    Once again: retard (Tex, that mean’s you) can’t read and thinks the paragraph that starts with “Dave,” means him. Perhaps you missed my post ‘defending’ you? Where I gladly pointed out that you were a racist kook? Don’t try too hard, Texie – you might even fail harder than you have so far!

    The TTI: Tex Success!

  16. Tex says:

    I have a specific strategy for everything I do. Bottom line, he’s GONE from that site, after accusing at least 3 different posters they were playing games with their posts. Turns out HE was the fake, which is often the case when being accused of something.

    I made my decision a year after the Dateline program, and although the program had an influence on my decision, it was a minor factor.

    The only thing you “get” is how to perform your bed-pan changer assistant duties…on a good day! LOL

    You couldn’t point out your own posterior. LOL

    I was responding to, “At least you have folks coming to your defense…Tex can’t seem to claim that same fortune.”

    You don’t have a clue why I do what I do, which is fine with me, pcjimmie! LOL

  17. Porkchopjim says:

    You don’t have a clue why I do what I do…While most people suspect that you don’t have a clue why you do things (and of course the Dateline program had NOTHING to do with your ‘discovery’ of the ‘tool scam’)…

    …it has been a well established fact that I do know why you ‘do’ what you ‘do.’

  18. Tex says:

    Most people are wrong.

    I didn’t say Dateline had NOTHING to with my “discovery” of the “tool scam”, I said it was a minor factor. You need to read for comprehension. Try holding the bedpan out of the way of the computer screen next time, it works better that way!

    You have the least clue of all, Mr. Bedpan Changer Assistant. LOL

  19. Porkchopjim says:

    Is it the part where you can’t defend your “I make a profit buying my own products” or the part where you don’t even know you have to SELL a product in order to make a profit?

    Keep pimping that exchange: it’s TTI at its best. Kind of a ‘greatest hits’ and ‘all you need to know about Tex’ all in one place.

    Still stuck on bedpans and masturbation, Texie? You should get help with that.

  20. Tex says:

    Read it yourself, it’s hilarious! Don’t worry, I will keep “pimping” that exchange, whenever you rise out of your slime and spew your filthy garbage, which you mopped up from your “leader”, the bedpan changer! LOL

    I brought up bedpans, YOU brought up masturbation, as usual. LOL

  21. Porkchopjim says:

    I certainly appreciate you ‘pimping’ it as it should be everyone’s first Texposure to you – which means it will be the last.

    The best part is how badly you got your ass handed to you – all while proving the complete fool that you are – and you STILL don’t know it!

    How soon before you start copying and pasting? You’re STILL a 50 year old failed Amway salesman with over $35K in useless ‘tools’ who has been frustrated to the point of madness because you don’t have the influence, $$$ or prestige that you thought you should have.

    Go back to making things up about people, Scottie!

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