If you need a translation, that’s “cool” for, “Hello, Dave, What have you been doing lately?” or for fans of the Budweiser commercial, it’s a shorter version of “wassssssup!

According to my pop culture elitist sons, the correct response is something that sounds like. “aiight” or “all right.”

If you were to ask me this week, “Sup?”; I’m afraid my response would be more than “aiight”. Not that everything is not “aiight”, but I came to a crossroads last week and took what I hope to be a correct turn.

The big news is that I turned in my two weeks notice at my “8-5” job.

For those loyal readers who might think I am quitting my job to finally build an Amway business; you’d be wrong. That kinda goal is not in the near future.

For those loyal readers who think I am quitting my job to pursue a full-time Stand-up Comedy career, you’d be wrong, also. That goal while closer in the future; is not economically feasible at present.

The real reason is that a growing job dissatisfaction and several lateral moves within the company prompted me to make a break and forced my hand to find more enjoyable work. I was not happy in my most recent position and it was affecting my job performance. Rather than not giving my all to the position, I chose to proactively turn in my notice to avoid another move at the company that might have resulted in moving out the door with bridges burning behind me.

I have enjoyed my time at the company and thank all my bosses, (including my wife) for the opportunity and the experience. My bosses have vowed to provide me with glowing recommendations. It still seems funny that I was originally hired at the company on a temporary basis until they found someone else. That was almost 5 years ago.

A few of my co-workers seem worried that I would make such a drastic decision at my age and at this uncertain economic time, but I’m feeling pretty confident at what’s around the corner. I already have a few leads on some other jobs, but the confidence comes from more than that, it comes from a feeling my next job may be something just a bit more, or a step in that direction. I’m looking forward to it.

Everything seems like it’s gonna be “aiight”.

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  1. Tex says:

    What kind of work are you looking for?

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