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On The Road with Dave

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behind The Curtain

You can't see it...yet.

But, there's a lot of activity going on behind the curtain here at "On The Road With Dave". There's dust, and construction and the floor is littered with "bad HTML code", trash, unused JPegs and sweat from my brow. My fingers are covered with blood and band aids from all the typing and there are patches of baldness on my head where I've pulled my hair out because I can't get something to work.

"See? If you could look right over there, there's a pile of hair, my wife has swept up."

But, as soon as I get all the kinks worked out and I go buy some Rogaine to make sure my hair looks okay, I'll let you in on the secret and open up the curtain. Right now, I have to go back to work and figure out why "Reason 503" is fast becoming a nemesis to me.

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