2009’s Tribute To Big Blue

This image is the authentic Earth Day Flag.It features what is known as the “Big Blue Marble” on a field of blue. Legally, the image or flag can not be copyrighted. It’s free to be used by anyone, with no repercussions. Which is why I’m using it in the space here.

Much like the real Earth we live on, anyone is free to use their space here as they please. But here, we do suffer repercussions for the mistakes and misuse that we might commit.

You don’t have to buy in to any side of any debate involving environmentalism or any kind of potential climate change, you just have to treat your environment as has always been taught–“Love Your Neighbor”; “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”.

Your actions have repercussions, consequences and yes, even rewards. Treat your fellow man with respect; and actions that affect our environment fall into place. If you go through life with a banner going before you like that, then the flying of the above banner on one day out of the year seems inconsequential.


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