A Weak Week Ending With Tweats

For those wondering where in the hell I have been lately; I’m here to “esplain” it to you.

Saturday, a week ago, I did an interview with a local Mobile businessman with the intention of posting a new article later on in the week.(That article is STILL forthcoming)Sunday afternoon I started feeling a bit sick. My stomach was hurting and I had some accompanying heartburn. As the night progressed, symptoms presented themselves that are better left undescribed. Tactfully, I can say that if I was not walking the floor of my living room with massive stomach cramps; I was laying in a chair watching infomercials at 3AM and running to the bathroom to take care of not one, but two vile activities.

Monday morning came, and I was in no shape for work. I stayed home all day with lessening symptoms, provided my diet consisted of tea and crackers. Monday night brought another round of previous symptoms and on more than one occasion I screamed to the guy that must live inside my toilet bowl, “WANNABUYABUICK!”

Again Tuesday, I stayed home from work.

By Wednesday morning I felt better and went to work to be greeted by two full days of work that I was behind on. Catching up on calls and paperwork and orders took me well into Friday afternoon just so I could be “still behind” by quitting time. If I’m lucky, I should be back to a normal workload by this coming Monday afternoon.

But I have to tell you, this weekend has been much better.

Saturday night I attended a “Tweetup” at Panera’s Bread in Mobile, Alabama. A Tweetup is a face-to-face meeting of online members of Twitter. A group of Mobile Tweeple met for some good food, some conversation, and for meeting the people that they “follow” and are “followed by” on Twitter.com.

It was cool to see some faces behind their Twitter avatars, although I’m happy to say most Twitterers(Tweeple)use an actual photo of their face for their profiles. It was funny to see and talk to these folks who brought their laptops and iPhones to meet live people and send photos and Twitter messages(tweets) to those not in attendance. At one point some of the attendees were “tweeting” each other via computer, while talking to other attendees. Think of it as “cyber whispering”.

I came home feeling good about being involved in another aspect of Social Media that allowed me to connect with real live people.

With my health intact and feeling good, I’m looking forward to a great week with much more blog entries.

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