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Friday, February 20, 2009

SHUT UP! You Gotta Watch It!

I'm spending a little time each day at Twitter following some interesting people and having them follow me. I really enjoy the micro-blogging, the news tips, and the article ideas.

I follow @sheckymagazine(that's how you identify and reply to a Twitter ID)and they led me to an awesome video by Comedian/Singer/Songwriter, J. Chris Newberg. Chris also writes the blog, Some Other Sucker's Parade.

The video features the song stylings of Chris, along with hundreds of comedians you may or may not recognize(Okay, not hundreds, but you'll need to take your socks off to count them all)and all of them are saying what we all want to say to some people on a daily basis when the "someone" just won't stop talking about stuff they talk about every single, bloody, day.

I think the video deserves lots more views than it has received so far at YouTube.

Watch it.

Then show it to that "someone" you've been wanting to tell, SHUT UP!!!!

Thanks again, Shecky Magazine, an official "Links I Like"

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