Shorts and Sock Feet

It’s finally Friday and that means I’m in my gym shorts,(though I never go to a gym) a T-shirt and my sock feet. Every night after work, I make all my errand stops and once I’m home I change into my “not gonna leave the house” garb. But on Friday nights, I make the usual change and it takes an act of Congress to get back into street clothes until late Saturday afternoon.

This weekend, I may extend this fashion statement until Sunday, because I really need the chance to be a slug and lay around the house and do nothing. I’m having trouble adjusting to my new job position. It’s very structured and requires hours of cubicle sitting and being on the phone. I’m used to being up and doing something at the old “8-5” and leaving the office. Oddly enough, that seems less tiring than sitting all day. And even though my normal weekend days includes lots of sitting at the computer and participating in making the Internet more crowded and time-wasting; it isn’t a forced situation of “having to sit all day”.

I suppose as long as it’s voluntary; sitting isn’t tiring on the weekend.

So, tonight I’m in my shorts and sock feet, drinking tea, smoking cigarettes and seriously considering staying up late and watching Star Trek:Enterprise Season 4 on DVD.

I know, I know…you truly envy my lifestyle.

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One Response to Shorts and Sock Feet

  1. rocket says:

    Oh man, I can relate!

    I haven’t run on my treadmill for a week! And my Bowflex is taking a week off also.

    I’ve also just been bagged at the end of the day, and for reasons unknown.

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who likes to dress down at home.

    At the height of the CFL season in August, I sit in a pair of gym shorts and a t shirt if I’m feeling fancy, or if we’re expecting company.

    Glad to see you’re still on a payroll, but sucks that you aren’t enjoying it.

    Hang In There!

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