“Things I’ve Seen” Has Moved

Kathleen Vandervelde, author of “Things I’ve Seen” has moved her site to a new domain.

Kathleen, to me, is the epitome of an “online friend”. We’ve never met and yet we know a lot about each other. Our families, our jobs, our frustrations have all been talked about through email, Instant Messaging and blog entries for about 5 years now.

I first “met” Kathleen while she was working for Quixtar in marketing and writing a blog called “Quixatic”(no longer around). After she left Quixtar, she found a job at Davenport University, but she continued to blog at “Things I’ve Seen”. We shared links and gave each other proverbial pats on the back for entries we each would write.

Kathleen is a great personable writer and photographer and her photos often tell the story a thousand words can not.

Congratulations Kathleen on your new domain and the transportation of the contents of “Things I’ve Seen” to it’s new home. I look forward to new content, new photos and as always, a peek inside your life in Michigan.

Go see Kathleen at KVandervelde and see why I like the “things I’ve seen’.

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One Response to “Things I’ve Seen” Has Moved

  1. kathleen says:

    Dave – thanks so much for helping me ‘move.’

    Gosh it has been almost 5 years, hasn’t it. So much has happened to both of us and our families in that time!

    I’m glad to call you friend. And I’m still holding you to buying me that beer – in person – someday!


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