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Howdy Folks.

It’s been over a week since my last blog entry, and that has to stop now.

A lot has happened. My computer is fixed. It’s down-time was one of the major reasons that blog entries were sparse.

My boss at my “8-5” job bought me a new cell phone. It’s an LG Shine minus the MediaNet service, but still with a cool camera capable of all those “self portrait through a mirror” shots you see on the social networking sites. I miss my old circa 2003 Nokia that was built to withstand a semi-truck rolling over it, but it finally developed so many problems that it was beyond any practical use.

I’ve increase my usage at Twitter and have a few followers. The Twitter service and a Twitter user was the first to send photos of the recent US Airways crash on the Hudson River.

And if you didn’t already know; today The United States inaugurated the 44th President.

The one thing that amazed me about today’s celebrations, rhetoric, comments, commentary and news was not the history-making event in Washington D.C but the event that happened at my “8-5”.

Whether my fellow employees voted for Barack Obama or not, at 10:45 CDT, we all gathered around a few computer screens and suspended work for a while and watched the Presidential Inauguration and Speech together.

As I watched the live streaming video via, I noticed the video stop and stutter or delay several times and could only imagine the number, in the millions, of other viewers logging on and watching and the volume of data being transferred across the Internet at that time.

While the new President spoke of the future and the challenges ahead for our country, I realized just how far we have already come and how the future is now. We take pictures with our phones, we watch televison on our computers, and citizen journalists inform us of news as it happens through social networking sites and blog entries, even before traditional media outlets.

And even though, when our computers fail, we tear our hair out in frustration until they are fixed; they serve us well. They inspire creativity and produce just as much as a tractor, a steel mill, or an oil well.

Change is not coming…change is here.

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