HAPPY 2009!!!

It’s 2009!!!

Happy New Year From “On The Road With Dave”!

I know what you are craving. You wanna a Year-In-Review entry whereby you can take a look at some of the “goings-on” of yours truly in 2008. Well, here ya go…


I started a new blog for “Tex”, a noted commenter at other Quixtar blogs, so he could expound on his opinions about the “tool scam” associated with Amway Global/Quixtar Motivational organizations.

I became more “comedy” focused.


I performed in Dallas.


I traveled to Prague for Alticor Corporation.


I held a online “press” conference.

I summarized my trip to Prague.


I was asked to review a book about Historic Mobile, Alabama; I met some Canadians, and my son got a part in a movie.


I performed in Anniston, Alabama.


I said farewell to a great teacher.


I talked about my “day-job”.


I “quit” being a Quixtar-affiliated Business owner.


“On The Road With Dave” participated in the annual “Blog Action Day.”

I performed in Louisiana.


In November, I got political and made changes to “On The Road With Dave”. You’ll have to read the whole month.


I celebrated my 25th Wedding anniversary!

That’s it! The year in review.

Coming up, I’ll be finishing my story about my wife’s and I trip to New Orleans for Christmas, with more photos that were recently developed.

I look forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2009 for all my readers, as well as myself.

Let’s get started.

About Dave Robison

Now Appearing in an Extended Engagement! Join Dave Robison as he takes you into his world and his daily life of reviving a stand-up comedy career. Prepare for side trips exploring Public Relations, marketing and business ethics. Enjoy some frequent detours describing his observations on life. Read the exploits of this self-proclaimed Renaissance-man and blooming blogger as you go On The Road With Dave. From Mobile, Alabama comes Dave Robison, a confessed Internet-aholic, middle-aged-married-man, who's generally a nice guy--he just has one or two issues. Stand-Up Comedy by Dave Robison is available for corporate events, college campuses, and nightclubs.
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One Response to HAPPY 2009!!!

  1. Tex says:

    Nice wrap up! I can’t believe “my” blog is already one year old.

    Here’s my summary:


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.


    Kicked some LCK butt.

    This also summarizes 2006, 2007, and a good portion of 2005.

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