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Howdy Folks,

I’m currently trapped in the past.

I’m on a Windows95 PC with Internet Explorer 5.5.

I can’t go to YouTube, I can barely surf MySpace without the computer freezing. Any website with a Java app or Flash won’t display properly. The Internet acts as if I were on a dial-up connection in 1989 trying to post a message to a BBS. And to top it all off, forget about opening two windows at once. I’m asking myself, “Did this computer ever really serve a purpose when it came out?”

But, in its defense, it is at least allowing me to check my email account(Well, one of them, the other one won’t display) and make this blog entry.

My other computer has crashed or been invaded by a terrible virus and will not allow me to even log in after turning it on. So, I can’t complete my travelogue about New Orleans because I don’t have the photos to access.

“What about scanning them or taking them off your CD, Dave?”

Yeah, well this computer won’t run my 21st Century printer/scanner nor will it run my Wal-Mart Photo CD.

So, I’m stuck in a computing Time Warp for a few days, but I am online; so I haven’t broke out in hives or started hyperventilating…yet.

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One Response to Dave95 Blogs From The Past

  1. bernsber says:

    I’d write you a message of consolation, but I’m afraid of crashing your system altogether!

    Get well soon! 😀

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