Noel At The Hotel Monteleone / Part 2

Walking into our room on the fourth floor of The Hotel Monteleone brought back that relaxed feel that I had prior to our problems at check-in. We had stayed at the Monteleone several years ago before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and it was nice to see the grand hotel back in its finery after renovations. The balloon you see in the photo was from our co-workers who had thrown us a fine at-work party the day before. My wife insisted on bringing it along with us.

Once in the room, we did our standard unpacking routine; lay out the toiletries, hang clothing up in the closet to avoid wrinkling, and look at the room literature.

The room had all the amenities you’d expect; hairdryer, iron, ironing board, two fluffy long terry cloth robes, a large TV, an electronic room safe and the evil mini-bar fridge and pantry. No smoking is allowed in the hotel, even in the bar…so for smokers, you’ll be taking numerous trips on the elevators to smoke outside the hotel on the sidewalk.

QUICK TRAVEL TIP: If you bring kids on a trip to the Monteleone, forbid them from even opening the Fridge or cabinet. Young children should be watched at all times. The mini-bar is electronic. Simply removing an item automatically charges you for the item whether you consume it or not. Quite the scam. I did not remove anything.

After we had settled in, it was time to take our trip’s initial walk into the French Quarter. The Monteleone is located on Royal Street and is centrally located to all of the Quarter. But first, I had to do one thing.

A week before the trip, I had purchased a small emerald ring for my wife. She knew about it, but was forbidden to wear it until the trip. Over the week she had taken it out the box and admired it. A single square-cut emerald stone with two smaller ones on either side surrounded by diamond chips. Before you get all “Dave, did you win the lottery?” on me, let me say, it was a good deal, and the ring, although beautiful, is not something Tiffany’s sells. But, my wife loves it.

Anyway, I took the ring out of its case and placed the anniversary gift on her finger and said some “gooshy” mushy stuff to her. It was time to venture out into the Quarter and continue on with our vacation.

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  1. rocket says:

    This is good reading Dave!

    Looking forward to the next entry!

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