Cold On The Coast

Oh my lord, I am stooping to blog about the weather.

Mobile had some sleet and I did see one snow flake as a cold wave swept through the deep south today. West of us, over in Mississippi and even in New Orleans, people not used to snow had 2-5 inches of snow to deal with.

When I lived in Northeast Mississippi, we would get snow every three years or so and folks would go crazy. School was out, and people flocked to the grocery stores to buy bread. (I never could figure out why bread was the big commodity) In the South; 5 inches of snow causes traffic accidents and for some reason the cold, white stuff affects our southern brains the way the crystal white powdered drug affects a cocaine addict. We just become stupid.

While there were a few people here in Mobile wishing that the snow would have made its way towards us, we mainly received a cold wet rain and a little sleet. Tomorrow, the temperature is expected to be back in the 50s. That’s fine by me.

I still get a thrill, when I’m corresponding with someone from the Northern states during the winter and can brag that my weather is still in the 60s or 70s, when they are experiencing below zero temps. Warm winters is one reason I moved to the coast. Yeah, we still get cold in January, but I’ve had at least one Christmas on the coast when the weather didn’t require a coat, but merely a light long-sleeve shirt.

I’ve experienced a Michigan winter and an Indiana winter in my life, and truthfully, I don’t miss it. Next week, my wife and I will be spending a few days over in New Orleans for our 25th wedding anniversary, and while I’m looking forward to walking the streets of the French Quarter and doing some last minute Christmas shopping at The Shops At Canal Place; I’m glad that the forecast is for some warmer weather.

The forecast tomorrow for Mobile, Alabama is sunny and 54 degrees. I can live with that.

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One Response to Cold On The Coast

  1. rocket says:

    Just getting ready for a blizzard in the Great White North Dave!

    Good snowmobiling over Christmas!

    We’re sitting at a balmy -5 Fahrenheit!

    You bastard;0)

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