Are You A Movie Buff?

Think you’re a movie buff?

I’d venture to say that I have a friend that could trump you on just about any trivia involving any movie, anywhere.

When I first met Van Roberts, he was a reporter at WCBI-TV in Columbus, Mississippi. I was a “kid ventriloquist” that happened to give performances at local civic clubs, festivals, and birthday parties. I received the usual local media from the TV station and newspapers when it was a slow news day and they needed some 14 year old kid talking to a group of 50 year old lawyers eating roast beef at the local Holiday Inn.

Fast-forward to my late twenties and I decided to finish my college degree. Lo and behold, my degree required me to take more than a few courses from a new professor named Van Roberts.

During my first class, with Mr. Roberts he warned the other much younger students that they needed to be on the lookout for Mr. Robison. He may try and put words in their mouth. Yep, he remembered me. Over the course of the next three years, Van became more than just a teacher, but also a friend.

But he made me write. And write some more. He made me do radio shifts. He made me record silly commercials and audio projects. Oh…and he made me watch movies.

He made me watch movies and write about them. He made me watch classic movies. He made me watch foreign movies. He made me watch funny movies. He made me watch great movies. He made me watch extremely bad movies. Really, really bad movies.

And all the while, I had to write about them. Do you know how hard it is to write a “good” review about a bad movie? It’s no picnic trying to find one redeeming value about the movie “Zardoz”.

Our friendship has continued all these years, even though for the last 6 years or so, it’s been through email.

Recently I discovered that Van was on Facebook and has a blog of his own, about–what else? The Cinema. Film. Movies. I’m counting over 160 reviews.

Of course these days, I have to refer to Van as DOCTOR Roberts, PH.D. But besides, that, nothing has change; Van is still the expert in movie-going. Stop by his blog, Van’s Cine Blog. Leave a comment, agree with him, disagree with him, tell him you hate “Zardoz” too.

From Van’s Bio:

As an Assistant Professor of Communication at Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi, I teach Speech, Images of Women in Film, Introduction to Film, and Video Production. I am a member of the Professional Link Toastmasters in Columbus and I also belong to PRAM, Public Relations Association of Mississippi. I received a Bachelors of Arts Degree in English Literature with a minor in Communication from Mississippi State University (1976), a Masters of Arts Degree in Speech, Theater & Filmmaking from the University of Mississippi (1978), and a Ph.D., in American History from Mississippi State University (2006). My favorite pet is the cat, preferably solid black. I have three cats. I enjoy a moderate amount of exercise, but most of my time is spent in the classroom teaching, in a cinema sitting on my brain or sprawled on a couch watching television.

Oh yeah, and that Ph.D. in History…the concentration is on World War II propaganda films. Still think you’re a movie buff? Van has you beat.

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