Presidential Election Memories: Part 4 / “Getting Political”

I’m tired of hearing it said that democracy doesn’t work. Of course it doesn’t work. We are supposed to work it.

–Alexander Woollcott

When I began this series of Presidential Election Memories last Thursday, my aim was to analyze my thought processes regarding my choices for President throughout my voting history. But, now our country is less than forty-eight hours away from electing the 44th President and on Monday, November 3rd, I will reveal my choice here at “On The Road With Dave”.

Time will not permit a detailed description of the remaining elections that I haven’t covered. So I will try to briefly described today my choices for the remainder of the previous elections.


Michael Dukakis – Lloyd Bentsen (Democrat)
George H. W. Bush – Dan Quayle (Republican)
Ron Paul – Andre Marrou (Libertarian)
Lenora Fulani – (various) (New Alliance)

In 1988, I felt as many voters today feel; I did not want George H.W. Bush to continue the policies and “feel” of the previous administration. I did not want a “second” Ronald Reagan. My choice was Michael Dukakis.

Dukakis’ pick of Lloyd Bentsen and Bush’s choice of Dan Quayle factored in to my choice. But, I had other choices in the Democratic primaries, that did not garner the nomination. In the end, Dukakis was a vote “against” Bush, and not a positive for Michael Dukakis.


Bill Clinton – Al Gore George (Democrat)
H. W. Bush – Dan Quayle (Republican)
Ross Perot – James Stockdale (Independent)
Andre Marrou – Nancy Lord (Libertarian)
Lenora Fulani – Maria Elizabeth Muñoz (New Alliance)

The 1992 election generated, for me, the same excitement of this year’s election has done for many Democrats. I watched every news story and talk show featuring Democrat nominee Bill Clinton. I had first heard of Al Gore back during the 1988 election and was impressed with Gore. I watched every debate, even recording them on VHS to watch again.

The addition of Third Party candidate Ross Perot’s coverage furthered the excitement. I had been initially impressed by Perot’s biography and his financing his own Iran Hostage rescue for employees of his company. His use of his own money to finance part of his campaign was also impressive. In the end though, I felt his volatility would not make him a good President.

I eagerly voted for the man from Hope, Arkansas; Bill Clinton. To this day, somewhere in my storage is a VHS videotape with Bill Clinton’s inauguration speech on it.


Bill Clinton – Al Gore (Democrat)
Bob Dole – Jack Kemp (Republican)
Ross Perot – Patrick Choate (Reform)
Harry Browne – Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian)
Howard Phillips – Herb Titus (Taxpayers)
John Hagelin – Michael Tompkins (Natural Law)

I respected Bob Dole, although I believe that Bob Dole of today is much more “Presidential” than the Bob Dole of 1996. That being said, I was and still am pleased with Bill Clinton’s re-election in 1996. My critique of Clinton is not because of the Monica Lewinski affair but more targeted to his Military decisions. It was during Clinton’s term that I began to understand “measured responses” and what I perceive as a weakness in that strategy.


Al Gore – Joe Lieberman (Democrat)
George W. Bush – Dick Cheney (Republican)
Ralph Nader – Winona LaDuke (Green)
Pat Buchanan – Ezola Foster (Reform)
Harry Browne – Art Olivier (Libertarian)
Howard Phillips – Curtis Frazier (Constitution)
John Hagelin – Nat Goldhaber (Natural Law)

Plain and simple, I voted for Al Gore and still feel Al Gore should have been elected and would have been the President that all great Presidents would have been compared to.


John Kerry – John Edwards (Democrat)
George W. Bush – Dick Cheney (Republican)
Ralph Nader – Peter Camejo (Independent/Reform)
Michael Badnarik – Richard Campagna (Libertarian)
Michael Peroutka – Chuck Baldwin (Constitution)
David Cobb – Pat LaMarche (Green)

In 2004, if it had been my choice the Democratic ticket would have again had Al Gore as the nominee. Since that did not happen, my second choice would have been a transposing of the ticket with John Edwards in the top spot and Kerry as the VP. Still, I threw my support to the Gentleman from Massachusetts, John Kerry.

It is my contention that if the events of September 11th had not happened, George Bush would have been a one-term President.

And that, dear readers, leads us to the 2008 Presidential Election. At this juncture, the minds of the American people should be made up. It is doubtful that anyone will walk into the voting booth on Tuesday and flip a coin. My opinion will not matter. If I can have any influence, I hope that I can persuade you to vote on Tuesday for your candidate. Do not fail to cast your ballot. Your vote does count. The election is not over. The “fat lady” has not sung. And, if your candidate does not win, embrace your new President with the respect of an American who exercised his right to be represented in a Democracy that still works after 232 years.

I’ll reveal my choice tomorrow.

political3“Getting Political” is a semi-regular feature of “On The Road With Dave”. While Dave is no political pundit by any stretch of the imagination; “Getting Political” allows him to stretch that imagination.

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