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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"On The Road With Dave" Site Changes Complete

It appears that my recent changes here at the "OTRWD" site are finished. Everything seems to be in working order.

The only problem I was having over the past day or two was not being able to see my favicon on Firefox or Internet Explore 7. It would show for a millisecond and then was replaced by the Blogger icon. I think that is fixed now. I don't have IE7 but the Firefox browser is picking it up. Ya'll let me know of any other problems.

From time to time, you may notice that the "Feed Box" for Comedy This Exit and Skyler's Gravel Road sometimes does not appear or is slow to load. That's a problem with the code that I'm using. It's a good code, but is used by several people and may fail to respond at times. I'm assuming it has to do with traffic load.

(On a side note--Both "Comedy This Exit" and "Skyler's Gravel Road" have been tweaked in the last six months with some different colors and images added that were not in the original template. "Comedy This Exit" features a new green exit sign-type title)

I've had some fun doing this as well as some frustration, but I think it turned out pretty good.

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Blogger quixtarisacult said...


I saw your comment on the Super Du Blog. You seem to be a very level headed person. Seems like so many people in the Biz want to act like ostriches and hide their head in the sand. Things are definitely not as good as they proclaim, but they may not be as bad as I insist either. I've repeatedly said on my own blog that there are some good people that get involved in Amway and other MLM affairs. I believe you to be one.

I actually lived for a while in Alabama, and worked there even longer. I loved the state. I worked and lived on the north end. I lived in Tennessee for several years and commuted. I took up scuba diving and used to dive off of Panama City with some other dive friends. Some of my best memories. I actually got to go scuba diving once this year. I've always thought I'd like to move back down your way to be closer to the Atlantic.

Kia has not posted two different posts in the string you commented on, so I guess he is following IBOFB's lead. That is okay. I stirred up their bee's nest. I really don't need to bother those folk anyway, I've got my own blog that does pretty well.

It took me a moment to recall that it is you who runs Tex's Blog. Anyway, you're alright with me. Thanks for straightening out rdknyvr (what a rotten handle) on the faux remark. These folks I don't think burn any brain cells reading anything anyway. They are too blinded by the flax coming off of the bull shit manure they've been eating. Whoops, I suppose this is a real personal attack for a change. hehehehehehe. IBOFB booted me off of his page for calling Bridgett "Bridgechit". Isn't like I dropped a F-Bomb on her anything? She just blind sides me with her attacks every chance she gets, so like a hockey player, I drop glove and duke it out with her. Nothing personal. hehehehehe! Drop in and say Hi once in a while.

8:45 PM  

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