Farewell Alticor Media Blog

I just received word from Dino Baskovic, blog administrator for the Alticor Media Blog that the last blog entry for the Alticor Media Blog has been posted.

Under Deconstruction:

“In 2006, our public persona was divided among four companies – Alticor, Amway, Quixtar and Access. Going forward, however, we will do most of our communicating to public audiences under the Amway and Amway Global flags; continuing an “Alticor” blog seems out of place. So we’ll lock up the place, flip out the lights, and pack the old threads and recipe cards in archives.”

The Amway Media Blog will continue.

I always liked the Alticor Media Blog, even though in its early days, it was used to discuss Michigan politics and Amway’s President, Dick DeVos’ bid for the Gubernatorial seat in Michigan.

Later on, the blog pulled no punches with its commentary regarding terminated Quixtar-affiliated business owners. I recall many Independent Business Owners miffed over the tone of the blog entries. I, personally, read those entries with a smile on my face. I was thinking, “Finally, they are cleaning house”.

I had the chance to meet Dino Baskovic while attending an Alticor conference in Prague. He’s a cool guy, that I think has brought a lot of good to Alticor during his time with the company. Dino understands PR, Business, and the culture of being a MLM business owner. Since, the Amway Media Blog will continue, I can only hope that Dino will still have a hand in its direction.

And according to the last entry of the Alticor Media Blog:

“We expect it to remain a place for breaking news, public statements and straight talk. And the OZone blogs are of course alive and well. We hope you visit them early and often.

And away we go.”

Okay, I’m sure somebody will say, “Just GO”. But it won’t be me.

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2 Responses to Farewell Alticor Media Blog

  1. Dino Baskovic says:

    Giving me WAY too much credit here, Dave. More than a few people have a hand with the blog.

    Nonetheless, thank you for the kind post. Glad you think I’m cool 🙂

  2. tex says:

    Neither the Alticor nor Amway blog has been “alive” for several months.

    Reminds me of the tree falling in the forest with nobody around story, and would it make a noise….

    Click on my name for the tool scam facts.

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