Election Day 2008 / “Getting Political”

Let the record show that at approximately 7:30AM this morning, My wife, my son, and I exercised our Constitutional right to vote. My daughter followed shortly thereafter.

Let the record also show that regarding my workplace, all my fellow employees minus two people, also voted. About two weeks ago, my wife and a fellow employee managed to register the “un-voted” that remained in our office, except the aforementioned two people. One co-worker registered and voted for the very first time. She is finally convinced that voting is a right not to be ignored.

If you’ll recall two years ago, the political fervor of my workplace was less than stellar. This election, I’m proud of their renewed participation in the political process.

Less than 12 hours since I cast my ballot, I’m now watching Election coverage on CNN and already the reporters, commentators, and pundits are beginning to predict winners in each state. My goodness, the polls only closed 15 minutes ago in my state. “C’est la vie.”

I’ll continue to watch the coverage into the night, and look forward to the process playing out. After the winner is announced, it’ll be time once again to support the new President, criticize the new President, and make sure the new President knows that this whole process starts again in just over two years as challengers will begin to announce their intentions for 2012.

Well, 24 months without an election advertisement is about all we can hope for.

political3“Getting Political” is a semi-regular feature of “On The Road With Dave”. While Dave is no political pundit by any stretch of the imagination; “Getting Political” allows him to stretch that imagination.

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