Presidential Election Memories: Part 3 / “Getting Political”

During Ronald Reagan’s first term as President of the United States, I got married and had my first child. My wife and I were broke. Due to my extreme immaturity, I was unemployed for a while, my wife was our sole support and we even made use of the Food Stamp program for about 6 months. (Shame forced me to withdraw from that assistance)

Oddly enough, it was at that time that I made my first attempt as an Amway distributor…which led to the writing of “On The Road With Dave”.

Being an Amway distributor gave me an insight into being a business owner, but while the “leaders” of my Amway Motivational Organization espoused entrepreneurial ideals and Republican ideology; I was cold toward the ideology. I was in favor of entrepreneurship and making money, but I seemed to want to do business in a different way. I thought more about how “business”–both large and small–affected people. I remembered how I felt and was feeling about “being poor”.

Reagan’s ideal economy was falling short of pleasing me on a personal level. I was in favor of “Government” being fiscally responsible, but I felt “Reaganomics” was not working where it mattered. I suppose History proves me wrong on certain levels.

But, my ideals of how politics should work were taking form. I was ready for a change. In 1984, I followed the primaries of both the Republican Party and the Democratic party. After Walter Mondale was confirmed as the Democrat nominee and his running mate, Geraldine Ferraro was chosen, I went into the voting booth and cast my ballot for Mondale-Ferraro.

The rest of the country didn’t see it my way.

political3“Getting Political” is a semi-regular feature of “On The Road With Dave”. While Dave is no political pundit by any stretch of the imagination; “Getting Political” allows him to stretch that imagination.

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