Presidential Election Memories: Part 2 / “Getting Political”

In November of 1980 I was attending the University of Mississippi, majoring in Theatre. I spent most of my time learning to act like a tree blowing in the wind, lifting imaginary rocks and once starred in an adult version of Jack and the Beanstalk. (That’s adult, not porn)

Besides those academic activities–I was consuming large amounts of alcohol and going to movies(that’s porn). But, an election was coming up; my first Presidential election.

President Jimmy Carter and Vice-President Walter Mondale were running against former actor and California Governor Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Third Party candidates included:

John B. Anderson – Patrick J. Lucey (Independent)
Ed Clark – David H. Koch (Libertarian)
Barry Commoner – LaDonna Harris (Citizens)
Gus Hall – Angela Davis (Communist)

My memory of those November days were of high gas prices and my parents talking about high interest rates and inflation. Dad was working a second job. People were disappointed in Carter’s handling of the Iran Hostage crisis and a failed rescue attempt and slow diplomatic manipulation for the hostages’ release.

On the campus of Ole Miss, students were talking about Ronald Reagan running against Jimmy Carter and there were fears Reagan was a “war hawk”.

I stumbled upon a “Students for John Anderson” booth. I had no clue who Independent, John B. Anderson was, but I was attracted to the female telling me the merits of Anderson. On a more intellectual note, I was intrigued by the possibility of a Third Party candidate winning a Presidential Election.

Based on the experience of an 18 year old, I voted for John B. Anderson.

Anderson garnered 6% of the US vote and Ronald Reagan won easily in 44 of the 50 states.

“Getting Political” is a semi-regular feature of “On The Road With Dave”.
While Dave is no political pundit by any stretch of the imagination;
“Getting Political” allows him to stretch that imagination.

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One Response to Presidential Election Memories: Part 2 / “Getting Political”

  1. Milli says:

    Just so you know, I’ve read all your political posts from your first vote to your last – I am more impressed with you than I was before (ha)…
    Voting for the person and not the party (or the gender, color, etc.) is how I have always tried to vote. I feel like it is closed minded to vote for someone because they are connected to “something” that does not determine “who” that person is or even “what” they will ultimately do for our country, state, or city – hmmm…
    Oh – you wrote…
    “I spent most of my time learning to act like a tree blowing in the wind, lifting imaginary rocks”
    This is so funny to me, because I was telling someone a story recently about standing outside Cromwell watching the Theater students do this very thing!!!
    Thanks Dave for being real…

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