Palin Versus Biden

The much anticipated Vice-Presidential Debate is less than hour away and I’ll be watching.

Will Sarah Palin be able to answer questions with specific answers and not ramble? Will she remember the names of Heads of States of Third Party Countries?

Will Joe Biden be tough? Will he put his foot in his mouth? Will he ask paralyzed people to stand up and take a bow?

I’ll be tuning in. Will You?

Comment and tell me who you thought won when it’s over.


10:09 PM

I just finished watching the Vice-Presidential Debate between Sen. Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin.

In my opinion, both candidates exceeded expectations.

Sarah Palin spoke with humor, grace and showed a knowledge that she has seldom been credited with in the past few weeks.

Joe Biden defended his ticket with force and yet appeared friendly.

I would say that Sarah Palin proved that if she were not on the winning ticket in November that her political career would still be promising after her stint as Governor of Alaska was finished. She would make a powerful and effective Senator or Congressman for her home state and would likely rise in the Congress to effectively lead on committees and write good policy.

Joe Biden proved his career as a Senator would continue pass November 2008 if the Obama/Biden ticket were unsuccessful.

But on the whole, Joe Biden defended his ticket, his running mate and their proposed policies much more effectively than did Sarah Palin. I thought that I would come away from the debate saying Palin won. I still like Palin. But the point goes to Biden.

In my opinion, the debate was a close call, but the victory goes to Joe Biden.


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