Last Honest Reporter? / “Getting Political”

Orson Scott Card is a science fiction writer, critic, columnist, memebr of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and a confessed Democrat.

My scant research on the man revealed to me that along with his Democrat Party views, he holds many views of the conservative, Republican Party. He has been quoted as being a follower of Tony Blair and Daniel Patrick Moynihan. I suppose one could say Orson Card is a Liberal, but not too Liberal.

The reason I write all this is because of a recent article by Card criticizing the state of Journalism and its coverage of the Housing crisis and the upcoming Presidential Election.

“Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?” is an open letter to all of the nation’s local newspapers and in effect, the national media machine and its seemingly orchestrated agenda of electing Barack Obama as our next President of the United States.

Quoting bits and pieces of the article doesn’t do the author’s rant any justice. So, I’m asking my readers to read the article and come back here and give me your opinion. Agree? Disagree? Attack the writer?

political3“Getting Political” is a semi-regular feature of “On The Road With Dave”. While Dave is no political pundit by any stretch of the imagination; “Getting Political” allows him to stretch that imagination.


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4 Responses to Last Honest Reporter? / “Getting Political”

  1. Tex says:

    Too little, too late, at least for this election.

  2. Since I’m not American I’m often ignorant about the history or facts behind all the different claims one encounters in a political campaign, so every time some new claim comes out accusing one side or the other of some nefarious activity, I actually have to go research it to check out “the truth”.

    If Orson Scott Card is really a Democrat, then I’m from Venus. His rant seems to be little more than RNC talking points that have been widely discredited. I’ve found numerous independent pages doing the debunking, but probably the best summary is on –

    Myths and falsehoods about the purported link between affordable housing initiatives and the financial crisis

    It would appear Mr Card is leaving the building with the lights well ablaze.

  3. IBOFB,

    The rebuttal offered by MediaMatters is good. Except, MediaMatters isn’t an organization without an agenda of its own.

    So, their “mythbusting” and summary of the situation doesn’t end the discussion.

  4. Everyone has an agenda, and everyone has biases. The mediamatters site just seemed to provide the best summary, and sourcing to back it up.

    Pres. Clinton himself has admitted some of his decisions contributed to the problem, but the OSC writeup is too partisan for words.

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