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Many of my readers will remember when I was super-active in Multi-level Marketing; I was(and still am) a big proponent of “community building on the web”…an early form of social networking and also of blogging.

Eric Jannsen of Quixtar Blog introduced me to blogging, and for that I’ll always be grateful. But, Fred Johnston taught me how to start talking to people on a personal basis online, and making friends via the Internet. Fred also was my immediate upline in a MLM company that incorporated in 1999 called Quixtar. Quixtar was to be the online version of Amway by Amway. (Yeah, that ain’t exactly how it was presented, but it’s close enough.)

My blog is about a lot of things. Sometimes, it’s been about Quixtar and Amway; sometimes it’s been about my stand-up comedy; sometimes, it’s about politics, or something interesting on the Internet. And sometimes, it’s strictly something personal about me or a personal opinion.

Tonight, it is personal.

I’ve lost contact with Fred Johnston over the past year. I know his home state suffered some flooding many months back. The email address I had for Fred has given me no response. I’ve lost his phone number. When I “google” his name and his old screen name that he used on many Internet forums, the “searches” just take me to entries that are several years old or sites that list his invalid email address.

So, I’m putting out an All Points Bulletin here at “On The Road With Dave” for someone that reads here might also be a mutual friend of Fred Johnston.

Maybe, Fred might even decide to “google” his own name someday and my site comes up in the search and he might decide to drop by.

“Hey Fred! I’m looking for you.”

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4 Responses to Personal For Fred Johnston

  1. tex says:

    Why are you looking for Fred?

  2. I’d like to talk to him about some business things and see if he was affected by the flood in his area.

  3. kathlee says:

    ah, the good ol’ days of blogging and chatting with you and Eric – and even Fred!

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