On The Edge Of Hurricane Gustav

If you’ve been watching any network news this morning then you are probably experiencing Hurricane Gustav coverage fatigue. Since early yesterday afternoon CNN, MSNBC and The Weather Channel have all converged onto The Gulf Coast and New Orleans as Hurricane Gustav moved close.

The Hurricane moved on shore early this morning and most news footage has centered on New Orleans. Here in Mobile, Alabama we are experiencing the edges and outer bands of storms accompanying Gustav’s landfall. Last night the Bankhead Tunnel’s doors were closed and our Causeway is flooded. The Causeway is a highway that crosses Mobile Bay at the water’s edge. It’s prone to flooding. A higher Bayway,
(part of Interstate 10) is the raised artery between Mobile and Baldwin Counties. It is open.

Rain has been steady this morning with numerous Tornado warnings across the area. Currently, as of this writing, there’s another Tornado warning just issued for north of my area.

We expect rain and more rain for most of the rest of the day. No damage to speak of where I am. But, I have seen problems on television for Mississippi. This could affect my job over the next couple of days and I’m hoping all the preparations we took for my job prior to the storm will prove helpful.

If you’re interested in our local news coverage, I’d suggest WPMI.COM. Usually, I suggest WKRG-TV; but they have me confused today.

Last night, we got wall-to-wall coverage at WKRG pre-empting network shows for local interviews with everybody and their cousin prior to the storm–and today as the storm has made landfall; all we’re getting is CBS tennis coverage with a small picture-in-picture “radar box” in the corner of the screen.

But for those concern with my well-being–all is fine over here on the edge of Gustav. I think I’ll watch the Star Trek: Next Generation marathon on the SciFi Channel for a while.

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