Make Me Vote Obama / “Getting Political”

Make me vote for Barack Obama.

I’m a liberal. I’m a Democrat. It seems natural that I would want to vote for the new face of the Democratic Party. Liberals are supposed to be knee-jerk with their reactions–emotional. I should be ready, willing, and passionate about a candidate that promises hope and change away from the status quo. I’m not.

I need convincing.

Today marked the day that the Stock Market dropped over 700 points; the day that The House of Representatives voted against a bail-out plan for the Wall Street Mortgage crisis. Some are saying that today may mark the beginning of an economic depression that could surpass the Great Depression of 1929.

Here’s the chance for all Obama supporters to convince me that he can make it better.

Tell me why I should vote for Barack Obama as our next President of the United States.

A few things first:

1. Don’t use the words “change” or “hope”.
2. Don’t mention George W. Bush or “failed Bush policy.”
3. Don’t mention John McCain.

Remember, I’m a Liberal. I want to hear about some issues important to me; Health Care, Environmentalism, Alternative Energy, Education, Foreign policy.

Remember, I’m also kind of moderate. I still believe in The Constitution, free enterprise, and I just became eligible for a 401K program from my employer.

Can anybody convince me to vote for Barack Obama without using a “talking point” I’ve already heard. Specifically, why are YOU voting for him?

I’m a salesman–I can be sold. My problem is that nobody, including Barack Obama, is selling me on WHY I should vote for Obama. Yet, I get plenty of rhetoric on why I shouldn’t vote for John McCain.

Give me some facts. Send me links to verify.

Somebody, please…make me vote for Barack Obama.

political3“Getting Political” is a semi-regular feature of “On The Road With Dave”. While Dave is no political pundit by any stretch of the imagination; “Getting Political” allows him to stretch that imagination.


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24 Responses to Make Me Vote Obama / “Getting Political”

  1. tex says:

    Looks to me like BO did his part to the real estate/financial mess. Check out the bottom of this article:

  2. Harris says:

    Hey dave,

    I’m confused – if you’ve listened to Obama, and therfore knows what he stands for, then how am I (or anyone else) sposed to convince you to vote for him?

    You claim to be “liberal” so all you’d have to do is look at their respective tax plans and your choice would be clear.

    Rock On,


  3. Harris,

    I am confused, too. Maybe I’m missing something from my perspective; hence this post.

    It would seem that I’m supposed to want to vote for Obama, but can’t find the “need” to do it.

    I’m hoping for some different perspectives and POVs to maybe sway me.


  4. tex says:

    Hey, if you’re liberal, Obama’s your man! He’s #1!!!

    I personally think he’s an empty suit. A scary, inexperienced, liberal one. Plus he’s a lawyer! Ugh!

    But maybe it’s because he’s Black:

    Actually, half white and raised by his white parent and white grandparents, but let’s not quibble about “details” like that, shall we?

  5. Anonymous says:


    I feel the same way about my candidate on the republican side. Both candidates are for a socialistic bailout that further restricts our freedoms.

    I call it choosing the lesser of 2 evils. I am not 100% crazy about Mccain either.

    I am thinking of voting for “none of the above!” This year.

    There are a few things I like about Obama. There are alot more things I don’t like about Obama.

    That’s my 2 cents on it!


  6. tex says:

    That’s why I’m voting for Bob Barr.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If choosing a VP running mate shows something about one’s judgement, Obama picked an intelligent, informed, experienced, appealing person with a sense of humor who lives with and works with intelligent women daily. It tells me something about how he sees himself. He picked someone he could learn from.


  8. tex says:

    If choosing a VP running mate shows something about one’s judgement, Obama picked an unintelligent, uninformed, inexperienced, unappealing person with no sense of humor who lives with and works with unintelligent women daily. It tells me something about how he sees himself. He picked someone he could learn from.


  9. Doug Johnson says:

    If he’s going to change America and bring new blood to Washington, I don’t understand him choosing a running mate who’s been in politics longer than McCain.

    And taxing the upper 5 percent won’t cut middle class taxes. The rich business owners will pass jacked-up taxes on to the middle class through increased prices,layoffs, etc.

    I applaud you checking him out and not just voting for him because he has a D behind his hame.

    Sorry, but I can’t recommend a vote for Barry.


  10. tex says:

    Bingo! I wouldn’t vote for Barry Hussein Obama if you pinned me down and forced wooden sticks under my fingernails.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think I would vote for anyone “tex” would vote for due to the rhetoric he is spewing. Then again, he seems lock step with the McCain campaign, but has to hide behind Barr due to his embarassment of supporting MCCain. That’s pretty sad tex.

    I suppose you think Obama is a muslim terrorist as well.

    Paco Sanchez

  12. tex says:

    I am not spewing “rhetoric”, I am spewing FACTS.

    I suppose you think Obama is a muslim terrorist as well. —- No, but I think you’re a wetback dork.

    Click on my name for the tool scam facts.

  13. Josh Homer says:

    this blog actually makes me sad.
    Under it all I see a racial thing here.

    based on your party affiliation and the fact that you are liberal, no one should have to convience you to vote for Obama.

    but whatevs, vote McCain, tax breaks for the rich, over turn Roe vs Wade, put your boot on the neck of the homosexual population. Why not?

  14. Josh,

    I’m sure that it is a “racial thing” among some voters, as well as a “muslim” thing with other misinformed voters.

    For my part, it is “undecided” thing…a “bad batch of primary candidates” thing…and an exercise in critically examining my choices.

    Neither candidate has all the markers that I normally identify with, yet both share some of my views.

    On the upside, after watching the second debate, Obama did answer some of my questions and is beginning to look “seasoned” and “Presidential. The third debate will be a “must watch” for me.

  15. Tex says:


    Racist? As opposed to your obvious sexist video?

    Part of the reason Dave has issues with BO may be an undercurrent of racism (although he’s half white and raised by a white mother and white grandparents, with the black dad nowhere to be found while growing up), I think Dave is more concerned BO is so FAR left (THE most liberal Senator), plus he’s an empty suit (virtually no experience that prepared him to be president).

  16. tex says:


    It may also have something to do with BO’s various relationships with known terrorists, racist preachers, and convicted felons.

    Not exactly the “cream” of society.

  17. Josh Homer says:

    What video of mine is sexist? If anyone says anything bad about Palin she cries sexism.

    She is quick to say Obama pals around with terrorists, yet her husband was part of a political party that’s main agenda is for Alaska to succeed from the US and 5 months ago Palin gave a speech for them.

    Also before Palin was tapped to be VP she said Obama was very qualified and that he resonated with the Alaskans. look it up on youtube.

    All I’m saying is if you are a liberal Dave, then this is a no brainer. unless you like the way the last 8 years have turned out. Maybe you like the very negative ad McCain is running. Maybe you like how McCain’s ad are so off base that even Karl Rove had to call him on it. Maybe you like how Palin did not answer any questions asked of her during the debate, or how she can not do any interviews without McCain sitting next to her. Maybe you like how she can’t even say what newspapers she reads (because she doesn’t?). Maybe you like how McCain publicly called his wife a cunt. Maybe you like a bunch of stuff about McCain. Personally I have a kid on the way, and I don’t want him growing up in a country where government works against homosexuals (what if he is one), or one where he might be drafted for a war that was built on lies to the American people. Sorry I just can’t abide by more of the same.

  18. tex says:

    I understand, you can see a “racist thing”, but not a “sexist thing.” Gotcha.

    You KNOW the Democrats wouldn’t be making the “inexperience” case if Sarah were Sam Palin, former mayor and current governor, because “he” would have FAR more executive and life experience than Barry Hussein Obama. Get a clue, you socialist piece of garbage.

    Click on my name for the tool scam facts.

  19. tex says:

    Do you expect Palin to make a case against herself?

    If you’re talking about this video, you’re full of BS:

    Palin said she welcomes competition in the political process. She said the change message is resonating with Alaskans, but I doubt many of them are thinking of the same types of changes Barry is thinking of. Can’t you think? I hope you’re not voting.

    Dave, BHO is a VERY dangerous, extremely liberal, and inexperienced person. I wouldn’t care if he was white, purple, or green, he is ALL of the above.

    Karl Rove is playing the same political game by balancing the message. Most politicians don’t answer the questions asked, if you were really listening. She’s been doing more and more interviews separate from McCain. She knew she was being set up for a Katie Couric trap when they got into the magaizine/newspaper discussion, and I don’t blame her for not answering. It was a “gotcha” question to begin with.

    When did McCain call his wife a cunt? Are you talking about this?

    That’s like asking someone if they have stopped beating their wife.

    Josh, are you sure you aren’t Homer Simpson instead of Josh Homer? Your lack of political understanding is underwhelming. Personally, I feel sorry for “Bart” when he is born, to have a father with an obvious and severe mental health issue.

    Dave, thinking like “Homer” has is reason enough to vote McCain.

  20. Josh Homer says:

    Please do not attack me personally or my family. It honestly says more about you as a person than me, but what would I expect of a follower of a man who engages in the same?

    I was not refering to that video of Palin, as it’s the first time I saw it. Palin’s husband was part of the Alaskan Independence Party and she recently gave a speech at one of their events. That video you posted is the tip of the iceberg.

    The other video you posted about McCain calling his wife a cunt was when he was asked about it. It’s a fact that he did it. People there came forward, and McCain will not comment on it now. It is not equal to asking if someone still beats their wife. That question makes you admit you beat your wife. If you asked someone if they have ever beat their wife, or have they ever called their wife a cunt, the answer could be no and they are cleared. One of his own aides has verified the story. He did do it, he got caught, so now he does not want to talk about it. The man has a temper, it’s a documented fact.

    As far as calling Palin on her inexperience only because she is a woman. Please. She has been called out by conservative Republicans,0,889134.column and even John McCain refused to call her qualified in the last debate. It has nothing to do with sexism. You calling Obama out for inexperience proves my point, you’re calling someone out for the same thing and they happen to be male. Don’t try to use the fact that she is a woman as a shield from all attacks. Hilary Clinton is a very capable woman, and NO ONE called her inexperienced because she is not. The inexperienced argument is a Palin issue, not a woman issue.

    The “gotcha” questions that McCain and Palin refer to (and you mention) are not “gotcha” questions at all. A simple question of what papers do you read can be answered by a 6th grader. The McCain camp does nto let her out anymore unless he is there or it is a scripted interview, like the ones on Fox news where they will edit the video and give her off camera people time to get an answer together. McCain cancelled his original Letterman interview so he could sit by Palin and hold her hand during another CBS interview. McCain does not trust her to go off script or be on her own.

    The ideas you put forth here are just a regurgitation of the McCain ads, ones which even Karl ROve called inaccurate.

    Yes Tex, I am voting, and no I do not have a severe mental health issue, and my politcal understandig seems to be a lot deeper than yours, as I have looked at both sides of the issue and do not just vote red and believe everything Republicans say because I live in Texas.

  21. tex says:

    Josh Homer (Simpson),

    If you think it’s okay to slam politicians with flimsy “evidence”, it’s open season in Springfield, “Josh.” When YOU apologize for trying to smear these folks, I’ll stop the personal attacks. Your move, buster.

    If the video I referenced is the tip of the iceberg, where’s the rest of the iceberg? You’ve offered NO evidence, Homer.

    The evidence “cunt” story, same thing. Where’s your evidence, Mr. Simpson?

    Of course McCain has a temper, so what? We could use some emotion instead of a slimy, smarmy, smiley faced slick lawyer who looks like a cat that just swallowed a canary as president. I would like to wipe that smart-ass smile right off his face.

  22. tex says:

    Who cares if some conservative pundits don’t like her? It’s still a FACT she has more executive experience than Barry Hussein, AND she’s not running for president, she’s running for vice president.

    Just asking the question is ridiculous, they were obviously trying to make her look like a lightweight. Did they ask this question of any of the other 3 candidates? I doubt it.

    I’m glad you’re in Texas, because your vote will be worthless, the Republicans will win easily.

  23. Josh Homer says:

    so you attack me personally because I talk about the election and the people you endorse?

    On that brilliant note (same logic McCain used for turning the campaing into a mud fight I might ad) this “conversation” over Tex, talk to you Nov 5th.

  24. Josh Homer says:

    Hey Tex,
    Who are you doing?


    PS – suck it!

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