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Yesterday I replied to an entry at a YahooGroup about living in a hurricane-prone area, such as Mobile, Alabama or New Orleans, Louisiana. The discussion was basically about why anyone would live in a city such as New Orleans because the city is below sea level and Hurricane Katrina almost washed it from the map. Or, why anyone would live in an earthquake prone area like San Francisco or Los Angeles. And why, would anyone who has lost his home due to a flood caused by a river overflowing next to their city AND then building a NEW home right on the exact spot. Why indeed?

I live on the Gulf Coast in Mobile, Alabama. I moved here over 6
years ago. In that time, I evacuated for Hurricane Ivan and came
home to 8 days of no power and some minor damage, I evacuated for Hurricane Dennis and came home to no damage and no money from the trip.

I stayed for Hurricane Katrina. Lost a tree.

I stayed for Gustav. For Mobile, that was a large thunderstorm that
lasted two days.

For someone that transplanted to the coast, I have found “home” and understand completely why people stay. It’s really the reason why anyone stays anywhere that they live. It’s “home”. You put up with the problems, just like anywhere.

I can put up with the wretched summer humidity because I love the mild winters that allow me to sometimes wear short sleeves in December. I put up with the threat of Hurricanes in order to be only a short drive to the beach. I handle evening news stories about someone suffering a gunshot in one part of the city, in order to strike up a friendly conversation with someone in a check-out line. For every problem your “hometown” has, you could cite a multitude of other reasons why you stay.

Mobile, Alabama is my “home”. Sure, I grew up somewhere else, but here; I feel like I belong. I plan to set my roots deep into the Gulf Coast–so deep, that no hurricane with any strength shall move me.

I’ve added a new banner to my sidebar highlighting a new website called “I Love Mobile”. It’s just getting started, but it hopes to be the source for all things in the Port City. You’ll find some history, photos, business listings, events…and even a mention about a local Mobile, Alabama comedian that writes “On The Road With Dave.” You can even add them as a MySpace friend.

“I Love Mobile” is a new “Links I Like” about a city I love and a city this comedian calls home.

UPDATE: “I Love Mobile” no longer on the web. Links Removed.

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  1. kathlee says:

    Well said, Dave. I just don’t know how to respond to those who say things like, “Those people must be crazy to stay,” or “If you build/stay in an area like that, you deserve what happens to you.” But you’ve reasoned it well. What else could explain why most of us Northerners stay in the cold and snow year after year after … (snowbirds aside, of course)? Few of our great snowstorms or yearly spring floods can compare in magnitude to a hurricane or earthquake, the fact remains for us humans – home is home and you don’t just pick up and leave the place where your heart belongs.

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