PR Guy Re-Run / The Amway Idol

Last year, when Alticor and Quixtar announced they were reverting back to the Amway name for all their global operations, I was inspired to write another installment of my “D. Robison, PR Guy” series.

A few days ago, Bridgett at “The World According To Bridgett wrote an entry entitled, “An Ode To Soap”, where she is reminded of the importance of the Home Care line of products produced by Amway.

This got me to thinking about the entry I wrote last year.

Occasionally it’s nice to remind readers of past articles, so if you’ve never read a “PR guy” episode, here’s your chance.

“THE AMWAY IDOL!” I yelled. You have GOT to be kidding me! There’s no such thing as an Amway Idol.

Doug rose from his chair. “Yes there is! It is real. It is powerful.” said Doug. “We shall leave it with you and trust that you will hide it away so that it’s magic will continue to work for not only our company, but for every loyal Quixtar…I mean, Amway distributor in the world.”

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One Response to PR Guy Re-Run / The Amway Idol

  1. Bridgett says:

    Ya know Dave,

    I first knew of you through these fabulous characters.

    Too funny!


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