I’m Not A Doctor; But…

I’m not a doctor; but I sort of work for them. It’s not as good as playing one on TV, but with this economy, you take what you can get.

As some of my readers know, I work for a home medical equipment company and pharmacy as my “daytime gig”. Yes, even aspiring comedians have to pay bills and eat on a regular basis and a full-time job is a necessity at this time.

Ordinarily, there’s not a lot of excitement at work worth blogging about, except that time I wrote about work and voting. But, we have something new at work that’s pretty exciting…a website.

MEDI-STATRX.COM was unveiled August 15th, 2008 and is set up to serve patients and physicians on a national basis.

We, at work, are pretty proud of it and I asked one of my bosses if he’d mind if I blogged about it. Since, he was the chief designer and put in some countless hours and a few sleepless nights, he was pretty jazzed about the idea. I even managed to add a little “copy” to the new site, so I’m pretty jazzed, too.

Medi-Stat Rx was founded with the goal to provide health professionals and clients with specific medications through innovative professional compounding services. Medi-Stat Rx prides itself in high quality customer service one customer at a time.

To put it simply, compounding is the process of mixing medications by a pharmacist or physician to meet the unique needs of an individual. The ability to compound medications gives the patient a much wider scope of prescription medication strengths and forms.

Throughout history, there has always been a need for pharmacists to compound drugs in individualized dosages. Mass produced products contain standard drug strengths that may help one patient, but can be adverse to another. A compounding pharmacy solves this problem by using a pharmacist to tailor mix drugs to fit the uniqueness of the patient according to a doctor’s prescription. Medi-Stat Rx prides itself on its service and experience in providing prescription compounding and nutritional supplements for the individual.

Originally founded in 1996 under the name Newman Pharmacy, Medi-Stat Rx has grown from a small neighborhood pharmacy and durable medical equipment company in Mobile, Alabama to a nationwide presence in the compounding community. In the beginning Medi-Stat Rx’s primary focus was on respiratory medications and equipment. Through the evolution of pressures of an ever-changing medical industry we moved our interests into the newly revitalized compounding industry. Medi-Stat Rx has expanded its product lines to include Sterile Injectables, Hormone Replace Therapies, Topical Pain Creams, Skin Care Products and other highly specialized medications to meet individual needs of each and every patient. Medi-Stat Rx adheres to the strict guidelines set forth by United States Pharmacopeia to ensure the highest quality medications are available to our patients.

So, if you’ve got the time, if you think you might need our services, or you just want to keep me gainfully employed; check out Medi-Stat Rx– there’s even a photo of me on the site, but you’ll have to squint.

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