Buffer Zone

It’s no secret that I haven’t been blogging much. Truth is, I have a really bad case of “writer’s block”. Lots of things seem worth writing about, but few topics have captured my imagination or inspiration enough to put the words in print.

Today is Sunday and no Sunday escapes me that I don’t feel the pressure to at least publish a “Sunday Thought”. The problem I faced today was that I had not blogged since last week and the publishing of that day’s edition of “Sunday Thoughts”. That creates the problem of publishing a “Sunday Thoughts” back-to-back…and that just doesn’t look good.

So, I’m writing a “buffer zone”; a small blog entry to place in-between last week’s “Sunday Thoughts” and today’s edition.

It’s cheating in my mind, but maybe if I at least write this explanation then I might break this vacuum that my mind seems to be in. I could have re-posted some video from YouTube, or some news story that every other blogger might be using instead of writing something; but I’m choosing this route.

You can bet that today’s thoughts will be centered around writing, for sure. In fact, let me leave you with a quotation I found about writing a diary, which is what a weblog was at the term’s inception.

“It seems to me that the problem with diaries, and the reason that most of them are so boring, is that every day we vacillate between examining our hangnails and speculating on cosmic order.”

–Ann Beattie, Picturing Will, 1989

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