The World According To Bridgett

If you read any of the Quixtar Opportunity Zone blogs, or Chuck Lia’s “Speaking Of Amway” blog or even “On The Road With Dave”–you might have read comments from a lady named “Bridgett”.

Bridgett is a Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business Owner and her comments can be funny, thoughtful, and to some; infuriating. Her comments even led to her being invited, along with me and others, to Prague last March for a meeting with Alticor’s Communications team.

At the meeting, I suggested numerous times to Bridgett that she should start her own blog–even if it wasn’t Quixtar/Amway related. Bridgett had some issues with the idea that mostly revolved around maintaining a certain amount af anonymity.

I received an email from her over the weekend announcing she had decided to take the plunge into the blogosphere. Normally, I wouldn’t link to a new blog until the author has posted several weeks of blog entries; but since this could be some breaking news for other bloggers writing about the Quixtar/Amway business; I felt that since she let me know, I should go ahead and let my readers know.

Although, she will still probably maintain some anonymity, I think her new blog will be an interesting stop in your daily Internet surfing.

Welcome her and her new blog, “The World According To Bridgett”.

UPDATE : Bridgett eventually migrated her blog to her own domain and it was quite popular until Early 2016. In September of 2017 Bridgett shut down her site,
Accordingto after losing a family member to illness.  Our Best to Bridgett and her family.

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6 Responses to The World According To Bridgett

  1. Tex says:

    Looks like she changed her mind about staying anonymous.

  2. Bridgett says:

    Yep. Changed my mind. Kind of hard to write about my life without giving details about it! 🙂

  3. Tex says:

    The main reason I don’t write much about my life is because I realize most people don’t care about me nearly as much as they care about themselves.

    Besides, we have a tool scam to shut down before we get too caught up in tea and crumpets.

  4. Tex says:

    The above was me.

  5. Tex says:

    For anyone who hasn’t seen this entry on ibofb’s site, The Big Apple told me most of what is below several months ago, and I have kept it in confidence as he requested. However, me correctly calling the upline LCK’s is mild compared to the below behavior. You guys get your underwear (and panties, for Bridgett) bunched up over the tiniest things compared to the below behavior. Talk about childish and immature, and these are YOUR leaders, ripping you off and turning around and playing “kissy face” when they are in your presence. Disgusting. If you don’t contact the FTC and complain, you don’t deserve to be called an American, you wussies.

    IBOFightBack wrote:

    The IBOAI is not “ALL” Diamonds. I suspect however that most North American leaders, like many North American IBOs, would have believed the name change back to Amway would be a huge burden on the business. I agree – if there was no reputation campaign to support it, which there is. Big Apple though is trying to spin it as if “opposition” was primarily about BSM, which is ridiculous.


    With respect to your knowledge and your intellect, in this instance, you are absolutely wrong. You don’t know what you’re talking about because you are uninformed or misinformed on this subject. You weren’t here in the U.S., and you didn’t attend the “Steve and Doug Town Hall Meetings” that were held for Pin Emeralds and above. I was. I attended the New York City meeting, and a Pin Triple Diamond IBO I am friends with and confer with regularly was at the Chicago meeting. It was NOT a happy sight. My friend’s words about the Chicago meeting were, “it was a blood bath.”

    Doug and Steve were ripped apart by these guys in Chicago about the return to the Amway name. The New York City (Teaneck NJ, actually) meeting was more polite, but they were pointed and insistent. Diamond after Diamond got up and tore the decision apart. The New York Emeralds and Diamonds brought sharp pencils. They were making arguments based on numbers.

    It was amazing to see Doug and Steve sit there and listen, and be totally gracious. I was one of the very few IBOs that supported the decision, but scolded them for the inaction that led to where we were now. Doug, knowing me for a long time, publically kidded me about something, but took to heart what I said. A Diamond, who was in the major System I plugged in to, got very nasty with me when I engaged him in conversation about my support of the decision. (The man didn’t know me personally.) This man viciously verbally slammed me; it really took me aback.

    After the main meeting ended, I was talking to Jim Payne, Executive Vice President of Alticor who oversees North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, India and Latin America. While I was mid-sentence, the EDC in whose organization I used to plug in to (and who knew me), came up to Mr. Payne, interrupted me without apology, and began lobbying him about the name change. This man has an international business, but he was concerned with his U.S. business. While it wasn’t directly said, you knew from listening why he was so panicked about the name change.

    What was even more telling was the Quixtar Business Incentive breakout meeting afterwards. I was in the room with many of the Emeralds, Diamonds, and EDCs that I used to plug in with. They had not allowed me to attend any of their Emerald and above meetings within their System, so this Corporate meeting was my first opportunity to hear their “Emeralds and above” conversations. Let me tell you, that by the time I left the meeting, I was shocked!

    One EDC stood up and told the Quixtar Sales Advisor that he needed the Emerald and Diamond bonuses to be larger and guaranteed for a longer period of time. This was because he needed it to be able to promote a six-figure income when he recruited someone. This guy was formerly an accountant, he had his numbers all put together, and boy did he use them.

    A Diamond woman, who I had thought was just a wonderful person, said, “We do 90% of the work, we should get 90% of the money.” That is an exact quote. She was against the lower level bonuses which took away from theirs. Another woman, I can’t remember who, complained that if the QBI program was implemented (and it was), she would have to go back to work.

    This attitude was universal among the System people there. Remember, we’re talking Pin Emerald and above. This was a side that I’d never seen before and it really opened my eyes up. I knew they had an attitude, but not to this extent.

    These leaders deceive the IBOs in their organizations masterfully.

    IBOFB, this is not “spin” and it is certainly not ridiculous. These are facts, and it’s time people know what’s behind these men. I won’t call them LCK’s like Tex does, but I will call them masters of deception.

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