The IP Casino Has A Defender

Back in August of 2006, I wrote a scathing rant about the IP Casino and Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. You may recall, “The Imperial Palace Casino Sucks!”

Today, I received another comment from an IP casino patron about his experience at the casino.

Anonymous said…

“I and my BOSS decided to have a father’s day supper of crab legs and enjoy a bloody mary at the Palace this evening. Another customer complained about our language, and the manager along with three security guards acompanied us to the front door. This after paying $18.99 per plate for two buffets. I will never allow my money to inconvenience them again. Richard. Biloxi MS.”

But, that comment did not spark today’s entry at “On The Road With Dave”; somebody named Paco Hope did.

Paco gave his opinion about my experience at the IP Casino back in February 2008. I just discovered his blog entry today.

Paco wasn’t exactly kind to my writing style, my rant, or my opinion about my experience. He felt, as another commenter at my original entry did, that I wanted to make trouble.

Paco summarizes:

“So, in summary, two points:

Set your expectations right. Mississippi is not Monte Carlo. Ten dollars in slots play does not get you James Bond treatment. If you show up to a popular restaurant on a Saturday night without a reservation, you will wait. Casino employees with shitty lives, shitty paychecks, and shitty jobs may actually be rude sometimes. Amazingly, some of these folks are really decent and rise above every excuse to be rude and are really pleasant. Still, if you catch one on a bad day, don’t be so shocked. It happens.

People deserve second chances, even when they do rude things. There was no value in berating or confronting that cashier. There is no value in boycotting a casino based on a single unpleasant night. There is no reason your wife deserved rude treatment just for asking a simple question. She deserved a second chance, and so does everybody else.”

Paco makes his case, and I don’t believe that he is a “nut-job”, either; (he mentions that people who rant often come across as “nut-jobs” in his article).

Go read his blog, Paco Hope / Counter Rant: Imperial Palace.

I can take it.

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2 Responses to The IP Casino Has A Defender

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the record, the anonymous poster speaking of “The Palace” is actually talking about “The Palace Casino Resort”, NOT the IP Casino, Resort and Spa.

    Two seperate companies that are not affiliated with each other have only one thing in common, the both are in Biloxi:

  2. Dave Robison says:

    For The Record…Paco DID respond by email to this blog entry and to my comments at his blog regarding this whole affair.

    On Jun 16, 2008, at 10:48 PM, Dave Robison wrote:

    > Never say I can’t take a little constructive criticism.

    I always wondered if you’d ever find my “counter-rant.” Now I know.

    You’re clearly a good net citizen of the old-school type. When you go
    around flaming, you remember to put on some asbestos underwear. Glad
    you were able to take the criticism gracefully. I’m not always proud
    that I rant a lot, myself, but I try to have the same grace you had
    when people disagree with me.

    Amusingly, I just got back last week from a 6 night trip to Vegas
    (mainly business, but who can resist the lure of casinos…). I’m
    Vegased-out for a while. 🙂


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