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Friday, June 27, 2008

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Okay folks, here's a couple of stories that tie together in the end.

First story--My just-turned-two-years-old grandson and "his Dave" have this game we like to play. We roll a ball back and forth and about every fourth roll I will take the ball and hide it under my shirt and say, "Where'd it go?" and hold my hands up.

My grandson will get this sad look on his face and say, "Ball" real pitifully and then he'll pull it out from my shirt and laugh. We'll then start rolling it back and fourth again and then he'll grab the ball and hide it under his shirt. Holding his hands up and looking confused as to say, "Where'd it go?"

I'll get a sad look on my face and say, "Where's the ball?" I'll then grab him and get the ball under his shirt and we both laugh. We'll play this game for a while.

Second story--My last stand-up comedy performance went pretty good. I have this "bit" in my act where I turn to the audience and ask them, "How do I look?" Their reaction and answer determines my next "bit."

At my last performance, a particularly attractive woman in the audience gave me a good compliment as I was onstage. Let's just say that it increased my ego two-fold and the expression, "I'd do ya" was used.

The Tie-together Story--I returned home from that performance riding a pretty good high. I got paid. I did okay on stage. I got a compliment.

Greeting me back home was the family and my daughter and grandson came over to the apartment. I was sitting on the balcony with my grandson and daughter and I was regaling her in my triumphant performance when all of sudden my grandson gets a really sad look on his face.

I say, "What's wrong, baby?"

He pats my stomach and says "Ball", and holds his hands up.

Nothing like a reality check from a two year old. "The Dave" needs to do some sit-ups. Out of the mouths of babes comes the all time best heckle.

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Anonymous Erica said...

Well if it were not for Damian you would not have had a thing to post so I guess that it had played a very important role. And I need to tell ya' that it was WAY funnier than you make it out to be in your post. Com'mon mister big time comedian make it sound funnier! haha love ya Dad.

10:05 PM  

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