I’d Like To Thank The Academy

I’m a winner.

Back in May, Beth Dornan at Inside Quixtar announced a contest to rename her blog based on the eventual name change of Quixtar North America back to Amway. Inside Quixtar would be an obsolete name. Prizes for the contest winners would include an Artistry or Nutrilite sales kit to the best suggestion and Artistry Essentials skin care or Simply Nutrilite samplers to the four runnersup.

Many suggestions were submitted and in the end the winners were announced.

The Winners Are:

1st Place: Dave Robison, Samanta S., and Tex for the best variations on Inside Amway (couldn’t pick just one!)


Chuck Lia: Amway Global Insider

Utah: Corporate Insider

My suggestion is reprinted here.

First and foremost, The name has to include Amway Global or Amway…you need it for Google searches. “Inside” is a given. “Inside” is YOU. So unless someone else in one of the Global markets already has a Inside Amway blog, then you should take it.

Even though you’ll be blogging about “Inside Amway” as it relates to the gang at Grand Rapids; you’ll still be speaking about Global related topics as well.

If you give the blog another name, then you have to include a sub-title heading with Amway in the line, so the blog can be searchable easily by title.

Example: On The Inside: Views From Amway USA

From The Inside Out: Amway Global From North America

The Insider Blog: Amway Global

Just thinking off the top of my head.


PS: Stay away from “On The Road With Beth” although Bob, Bob, Bobbling Along With Beth has a catchy sound to it.

I’ll await the variation Beth actually will choose, along with the rest of you.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank the Academy and my fellow nominees, I’ll take the Nutrilite Sales Kit, please…engraving is not necessary.

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