What Dave Thinks?

pressmicsI had this idea for a blog entry over at “Tex’s Quixtar Blog”; and I figure what’s good for Tex is good for Dave.

Consider this entry a press conference or an “open-line” talk show.

Is there something you want to know about Dave? An opinion?

Ask your question in the comments; and I’ll try to answer. It can be Quixtar or Amway related. MLM-related. Comedy. It can be about anything, but let’s keep the real personal stuff to a minimum–I can always choose to answer, “No Comment”.

press-cameraman-conference-public-media-press-camerasJust questions. And hold off on follow-ups. Let’s see how the first round plays out first.

Okay first question–that person in the second row…..


About Dave Robison

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12 Responses to What Dave Thinks?

  1. bernsber says:

    Yessir Dave. No, over here in the third row. I had my hand up first!

    On the bottom, below your visitor counter it says Ventrioquist-ring. Are you a ventriloquist? Do you have any of your work posted anywhere? I’m kind of on a little ventiloquist kick my self, though it does take a little brain power to remember how to spell the silly title!

    I’ll sit down now. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.

    Yes, I’m a ventriloquist. Started at the age of 10. I was a pretty big deal with the local media growing up. I even published a book on ventriloquism when I was 16years old.

    Check out the Newsy Vents link in my side bar. That’s the guy that taught me ventriloquism. More about my ventriloquism and comedy on “Dave’s Space”.

    I’ve done a few posts about ventriloquism, they should be tagged. My dummy Skyler has his own blog.

  3. rocket says:

    I have ten Dave!

    Rocket, Washington Post….

    1. What is your favorite drink?

    2. What is your favorite food?

    3. What is your favorite beer?

    4. Where’s the best place on earth you’ve ever been?

    5. Ever sky dive? Wanted To?

    6. steak or seafood?

    7. briefs or boxers?

    8. wrestling or UFC?

    9. Favorite restaurant?

    10. Favorite year of your life? Why?

    I may have more, but I just wanted to throw some stuff at you that would give me a better idea of what turns your crank.

    And I’m a bit hungry right now….

  4. Mr. Rocket, damn, this was a press conference not an Entertainment Tonight interview, but since you asked.

    Favorite drink–non-alcoholic–Cold, no ice, sweetened tea. Alcoholic–Beer

    Favorite food–grilled grouper

    Favorite beer–Budweiser, used to be Michelob

    Best place on earth I’ve been–I loved being in Prague, and any beach is great; but the most memorable trip was stopping at night on a train in the Sierra Nevadas.

    No skydiving for me…I’m afraid of falling/heights.

    Seafood over steak.

    Ummm, Question 7 is delicate, but my answer should cure that hunger you had, Rocket…the answer is neither. Lose your appetite?

    Old 60s wrestling, watching with my Dad.

    All-time favorite restaraunt is “Old Hickory” in my old hometown. A steak house. But so much more.

    Favorite year of my life? The cliche’ answer would be, it hasn’t happened yet–but so far it would have to be somewhere around age 18 or 19. Why? I was spreading my wings and taking some scary chances.

    And there wasn’t a single damn “No Comment” in the lot.

  5. Okay, next question…this person here.

  6. Joecool says:

    How do you currently feel about the quixtar opportunity and what do you think about dimends quitting quixtar taking their groups to a new MLM?

  7. JoeCool,

    I feel the Quixtar Opportunity is and will be in transition for probably another 2 years.

    It’s still viable, if built based on retailing and sponsoring responsibly.

    As far as diamonds leaving the business, I say good riddance to the lot that has left so far.

  8. Joecool says:

    Thanks Dave, good idea to post a blog thread like this.

  9. Dreamer says:


    How do you feel about the way some IBOs are pushing Perfect Water?

    Do you feel Quixtar could have stepped in earlier and stopped all the outlandish claims IBOs were making?

    Do you think Quixtar was at least partially responsible for having the tip test on the Perfect Water website?


  10. Dreamer,

    Personally, I believe that there are more credible products in the Quixtar/Amway line to sell. Perfect Water is not a product I believe in. I think it’s a “me too” product.

    Ultimately, Quixtar is ALWAYS responsible for the methods and claims made by its IBOs and should have researched and sanctioned any claims.

  11. Anna28 says:

    I got a few for ya…

    Your favorite book?

    Your favorite author?

    Your favorite movie?

    Your favorite comedian…besides yourself?

    Your favorite color?

    Your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? On a sunny day? On a cold day?

    Place you would most want to see in your life?

    Person that has made an impact on your life other than a family member or loved one?

    Just a few more I thought would lets us know more about you!!!!

  12. Okay Anna, here’s a few answers for ya,

    Favorite Book? Illusions by Richard Bach

    Favorite Author? Richard Bach, I’m still a fan of Og Mandino…and for fiction, nothing beats an old Travis Mcgee mystery by John McDonald

    Favorite Movie? Lots, but a few in my collection tops are My Favorite Year, Arthur, Murphy’s Romance and Let It Ride. But Classics like Casablanca, The Thin Man are in there as well.

    Favorite Comedian? Mitch Hedberg(RIP), Ron White, Michael Reed(RIP)Christopher Titus.

    Favorite Color? Red

    Rainy Day? Sleep
    Sunny Day? A drive
    Cold Day? TV

    Place To See? Australia

    Person other than Family member who’s made an impact?

    The Late Douglas Stone, an attorney, who took me under his wing when I was in elementary school.

    Those were good–made me think a bit.

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