Thumb Rules

While I was in Prague, I mentioned that one should not encourage everyone to start a blog. There are some people that just can’t string three coherent sentences together.

Today, I found out that I kinda stumbled upon a good “rule of thumb”.

“Someone who can’t write three clear sentences in a row will never write a good book.
Walter Pitkin, literary agent, Weston, Connecticut”

That statement is Rule Of Thumb #1286 at Rules Of Thumb Dot Org.

Also good to know that “Water weighs roughly 8 pounds a gallon.”

And, if “5 or more cars are in the drive-thru at McDonald’s, then it’s quicker to go inside.”

Here’s a Rule Of Thumb for Blogging. (I just made it up)

Looking for something to write in your blog? Go To BoingBoing.

That’s where I found an article about “Rules of Thumb”.

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  1. bVisual says:

    I find your comments very interesting! A good & sometimes Funny read! THANX

    “When you can’t be there, bVisual”

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