The Truth About Amway

I’ve been reading IBOFIghtback’s Blog and Forum, The Truth About Amway, almost since he started the site.

Recently, I got the chance to meet the author and while he was controversial on sites like The Quixtar Blog Forum and earned the name “Spinsider”–when it comes to his Line Of Sponsorship, Network 21–I found him to be a pretty cool guy.

No, I don’t agree with all of his opinions, but then again, not everybody agrees with my opinions, either.

His site provides feeds to breaking press releases from the world of Amway and Quixtar and I think he must have a hundred “Google Alerts” going through his Inbox to keep up. I personally like his slant of covering Amway/Quixtar business in the European and Asian markets.

He’s been sending his readers to my blog over the past couple of weeks to catch up with my exploits in Prague and his readers have caused a little spike in my traffic.

By The Way, Welcome to all the visitors from “Truth”.

I can’t really return the favor in numbers, but I can surely return the favor by adding “The Truth About Amway” to my “Links That I Like” in my sidebar.

Welcome “IBOFightback” to “On The Road With Dave”.

Better Late Than Never.

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10 Responses to The Truth About Amway

  1. Joecool says:

    Tex said: I did not enjoy my time with insider. I found him as intellectually dishonest in person as on the blogs.

    Joe says: Interesting indeed.

  2. JC,

    Is it intersting that me and Tex had different opinions of Insider?

    Tex and Insider/IBOfightback have had strong disagreements online and I suppose one or two civil debates at the conference.

    IBOFightback and I didn’t talk too much about “the business” on a one-to-one level at the conference. We discussed other things.

    I listened a lot to the other bloggers talk and discuss the issues among themselves.

    Hence a different perception.

  3. Joecool says:

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for sharing that. Contrary to what you wrote in the “nekkid chicks” article, I don’t dislike insider.

    When we debated non Amway things, I found him to be an OK guy. I believe that Tex was right about one thing, insider “hates” to be wrong, thus he reacts at times when he gets frustrated.

    I considered him a worthy adversary and although insider at times resorted to calling me names, I don’t believe I ever retaliated with him in a tit for tat manner.

    I always thought of debating the quixtar/amway issues as fun and when insider made good points, I took it as a challenge to find holes in his argument. Isn’t that what a debate it about?

    I do however believe that insider stooped to a low level when he used google analytics to track my web activity. Thanks to a Qblog friend, I was able to remove the “cookie” from my PC.

    Still, I don’t “dislike” insider, but I don’t debate him anymore since he doesn’t post on Qblog, and only visits Joecool’s blog and leaves “anonymous messages” about the “nekkid chicks” incident once in a while. Insider left me a message a few days ago mentioning that he heard my wife had left me. That message and my response is still on my blog.

  4. What “cookie” does Google Analytics look for?

  5. Joecool says:

    According to my Qblog friend, it allows the user to track your web activity, emails, login codes, etc etc. IMO – that’s how insider found out some of the information he posted about me. Some of what he “posted” was not public information freely available by a google search.

    I’m no expert but I was informed that it is often used by online retailers to track where their shoppers frequent (online).

  6. Joecool says:

    Dave, for example, how would insider know that Joecool had a myspace account under the name of “Steve”?

    You can’t google Joecool or my real name and find that information.

  7. Tex says:


    I don’t care. Go away. Post some new dribble on your site and be happy.

  8. rocket says:

    I think that it’s for the best that IBOFB sends people here to see how Prague went.

    If he didn’t, people would read what he’s putting out.

    And I think it’s safe to say people are tired of the deception and spin that has been prevalent in the Amway business.

    IBOFB’s constant tweaking and meddling with semantics is crystal clear to everyone but him, seemingly. He is part of the problem with Amway’s image.

    Dave is part of the solution.

  9. Joecool says:

    What’s up Tex, your underwear bunched up in a knot or something?

  10. Tex says:


    Just checked, underwear is fine. Thanks for asking.

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