I Must Be Rich

I must be rich. I had to pay the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Alabama again this year.

Yeah, I’m a Liberal and believe that taxes are a necessary evil to fund our Government. And, you could probably hear me in an argument talk about how “the rich” should pay more taxes or pay taxes in a different way than is currently devised.

If I’m complaining about our Income Tax system, it’s usually related to HOW those taxes are spent.

And, I’ve been quoted as saying, “I want to pay MORE taxes than anybody else in the United States, because then I’d be RICHER than anyone else. Bring on the taxes!”

(It’s true, I’ve said it)

But yesterday, the water pump on my car went out and the last mechanic that replaced the water pump “cross-threaded” the bolts that held it on , which cost me some significant labor charges to put this new water pump on.

And, my wife calculated our Income Taxes last night and found out we owed more than we thought we might. Just having one qualified dependent hurt us. Plus we HAD medical expenses this past year…just not enough.

Car repairs AND Tax payment. Ick!

On the one hand, the car is a 1994 Buick Century with 200,000 miles on it. CLEARLY I’M POOR. But, on the other hand, the IRS and the state of Alabama say I made a “butt-load” of money; CLEARLY I’M RICH.

So, I find myself looking longingly at this 1913 copy of the FIRST tax form from the Department of Revenue. I believe the tax rate was 1%.

I must be rich

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One Response to I Must Be Rich

  1. Michael says:


    I can agree somewhat. We do need some taxes, but part of the problem is adding MORE taxes than we actually NEED. What’s worse is that the Taxes that are promised to fund certain things start funding other unnecessary projects.

    I wouldn’t mind more taxes, just make sure they are going for what they intended. If they were to build new roads and improve old ones, I am all for it. I am not for the light rail bogus things that don’t produce revenue.

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