You’ll probably see a few images of Earth from space today. It’s a typical way the media reminds us of “Earth Day” being celebrated today.

“Talk radio” would have us to believe that celebrating Earth Day is silly and meaningless–that recognizing we have a Climate Crisis is a hoax forced on the American people to make them feel guilty at being successful and prosperous.

Maybe so.

Maybe, the Earth’s climate is cyclical. It heats up, it cools down; all with no influence from mankind, our machines, our carbon footprint. And maybe, buying a fluorescent bulb or properly inflating our tires won’t make a “hill of beans” difference for our environment.

But maybe, taking an interest in our actions and how they might affect, not only the Earth, but also the people around us could be a good thing.

Maybe, in our quest to provide solutions to pollution, greenhouse gases, our dependence on oil-based energy and products, we can develop technology and ideology that will further push us past current prosperity.

Today, I chose, not a picture of Earth from space, but a photo of our galaxy, The Milky Way, from Earth.

The Earth is a mere speck in that galaxy and we have the power to insure that “speck” survives until one day we are able to reach beyond our own blue sphere and touch further worlds in our galaxy.

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