Chronicles Of Prague / Part 8


After our walking tour of the city of Prague, we arrived back at the hotel cold, tired and hungry. I went and grabbed a quick shower and put my new Czech Republic marionette in my room.

Dinner was planned at a local pub/restaurant with all of the Bloggers 5, along with Dino Baskovic, Robin Luymes and Kate Makled. I spoke with Kate for a little while on the way to the restaurant. I found out her job consisted of “crisis management” public relations. A job description that I remarked probably kept her busy. Kate is directly under Rob Zeiger, the Director of Communications for Alticor. So she’s a “big dog”, and I felt honored that she decided to join us for dinner. And can I say? Dare I say?…yeah why not…she’s a babe.

Dino had received a map of the restaurant’s location and at the appropriate time, we began our trek to the restaurant. Bridgett and Kate opted for sensible shoes instead of “heels” to make the walk along the cobblestone streets. It was a smart decision. The streets are pretty and historic, but uneven and a bit treacherous in the dark.

I walked with Dino for a while since he had the map, but early on in the trip, Big Apple took over the job of leading us to the restaurant. Big Apple had been by the restaurant earlier in his tours of the city and was sure he could get us there. It was funny that the group divided up in different smaller groups as conversations changed throughout the walk. Someone would speed up to a group of three to get in on a chat; or slow down to a group of two to join in on a different conversation. It seemed to take a while of walking and a few twists and turns, but we arrived at the pub ready to eat.

I had seen on several menus at different places, a Czech favorite called, Pork Knee. Okay, maybe I’m not a world traveler, but I sorta thought that since the Czech Republic was “old country”; that a dish called Pork Knee was akin to a Southern favorite, “Ham Hocks“, the lower portion of the pig leg. Ham Hocks are a tasty addition to soups and beans, not much meat but delicious “soul food”.

I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I had a mini roasted leg of pig that started right below where a “cut” of ham would begin. Smoked and roasted to perfection, served with a mustard and bread. I opted for some “French Fries” as well. The waitress looked annoyed at THAT selection of “side”, but hell, it was on the menu and I like fries with my Pork Knee.

QUICK TRAVEL TIP: I didn’t drink a lot of alcohol on this trip because I was on medication so I have to tell you about Coke and Pepsi in the Czech Republic. Cokes and Pepsis DO NOT taste the same as they do in Alabama. I read that it has to do with the water supply. In many countries Coke and Pepsi, while still maintaining a “coke” taste–still taste a bit “off”. In my case, they had a “diet” aftertaste; a sweet, almost saccharine flavor. Not unpleasant enough to forgo ordering, but not quite the same as the USA.

I sat with Dino and Robin, and David Steadson closet to me. Dino and David talked “computers” for a while. Dino and I talked about stand up comedy and my experiences in comedy clubs. Robin was a great conversationalist with a wide variety of interests.

After dinner, we made our way back to the hotel. (It seemed faster this time) and we all hung out in the lobby.

I knew that Tex and I had an early flight out the next morning, but the conversations seemed to never come to an end. I took a quick picture with Robin, Dino and Kate. I remarked that I wanted a photo of me and the “corporate geeks”. I think Bridgett thought I insulted them, but Dino had mentioned being a “geek” at dinner AND I use “corporate geeks” with affection.


After the corporate ge–ummm…folks left; the Bloggers 5 continued talking until late. We exchanged email addresses, took a few more photos and I eventually said good night.

My last night in Prague, Czech Republic couldn’t have been better.

Pork Knee photo was taken from “Paul’s Travel Pics”

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12 Responses to Chronicles Of Prague / Part 8

  1. Robin says:

    Great recap of the night. I have to say that I was amazed at how long y’all were able to stay up that night. I had expected all of you to go upstairs to bed when I said goodnight. I went to sit with some of my peers from UK and Germany to see how their evening went, and then sat with some of the Corporate staff, and then sat a little more … and when I finally got tired and started off to bed I was startled that all of you were still there! Then I felt bad … like did I abandon all of you and did you think I was ditching you and … oh well.

  2. Bridgett says:

    *You chose to go to the Prague Castle a second time in order to be with us.
    *We all had dinner together.
    *You talked with us for some time before joining your corp friends after dinner.
    So I think you were more than generous with your time.
    We wore you out. Just say it. You just couldn’t handle us. *I* couldn’t handle us!
    Individually, I think Blogger 5 are intense people. And collectively I think we are just plain over the top.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t see anyone mentioning that IBOFightBack was a nice guy.

  4. I mentined that IBOFightBack was nice, when I wrote about first meeting him. A great conversationalist, with great stories.

    I enjoyed being around him, except when he and Big Apple were arguing over “systems”


  5. Bridgett says:

    IBOFightBack is a nice guy. I met him at the airport, without knowing him, and he was a gentleman and got us to the hotel safe and in one piece.
    He then made sure that I was included in the dinner plans on Tuesday night with Dave R., that then expanded to include The Big Apple and Tex.
    He was very encouraging, supportive, and respectful of me during the blogging session on Wednesday.
    He reminded The Big Apple and me to enjoy the streets of Prague rather than intensely discussing the merits of which prodcuts to retail and how to retail them while we were walking back from Castle.
    He was/is respectful of me, even when we do not see eye-to-eye on certain issues.

  6. Joecool says:

    Hey Dave, so what’s up next after this conference?

    I mean what will change, or what changes might come as a result of the conference?

  7. Tex says:

    They made us all honorary Double Dipple Triple Diamonados.

    All they did was ask us questions.

    This was a group of international Public Relations folks. What results did you expect?

  8. JoeCool,

    Changes might not be noticeable to the naked eye. The Global staff now has a better understanding of what attracts readers, and how to conduct a proper blog to their markets.

    This conference was a blogging conference, not a rules change conference or a conference for the invited blogger to make policy changes. We DID get to vent our personal issues…which are a driving force as to why we blog and the conference attendees recognized these issues.

    Again, the changes will be “step by step”, but I think further transparency will result; along with an “eyes wide open” stance on the issues in the Global market.

  9. Bridgett says:

    Actually, I don’t think this was a blogging conference.

    It was a four or five day conference, and blogging was only 90 minutes of it.

  10. I meant OUR(the bloggers)session was about blogging

  11. Bridgett says:


    I know YOU know this…but some bloggers out there are really so self-important that they might have thought that Alticor pulled together all their PR people from around the world just to hear/learn about blogging.

    And not just about blogging, but how blogging is the be-all-end-all, the cat’s meow, the tour de force, THE factor, in determining the direction of the company.


  12. Joecool says:

    Thanks for writing Dave, at least you had a nice trip on Amway’s dime.

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