Chronicles Of Prague / Part 7


Okay, you’ve read all about How I got to Prague, Who I met, and What we talked about…now, it’s time to see what I saw.

After the Panel Discussion was over and the conference’s sessions were through for the day, I, along with Bridgett, David Steadson, and “Big Apple” were treated to a tour of the city by Quixtar‘s Robin Luymes.

“Tex” and Dino Baskovic went to the Old Jewish Town of the city…Robin took the rest of us to Prague Castle by car, and then we went on a walking tour of the city.

This was a trip of a lifetime, I highly recommend a vacation to Prague, when you have more than just two days to spend in the city.

I hope you enjoy the photos.







At some point on our tour, we decided to take a photo together. Well, what better pose could we choose? None other than the famous(infamous?) Robin Luymes” pose from The Real Quixtar Blog. (YEAH, BABY!) And who else should take the photo for us? None other than The Real Robin Luymes. In a word, that was “SUPERDU!”


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6 Responses to Chronicles Of Prague / Part 7

  1. rocket says:

    Great photos Dave! Looks like you had a great time!

    Bridgett looks like she should go have a burger!

  2. Bridgett says:


    Are you referring to me looking a little thin? If so, you sound like my Italian grandmother. 🙂

    I think I photograph strangely. I look at photos of myself and think, “Who’s the emaciated chick?”

    But I could stand to gain a few pounds. I think it’s the Rhodiola (I take for the energy and the “happy” feeling) and the XS Energy Drink (I drink for the B12, since I am a vegetarian)that’s causing me to not have much of an appetite.

    Strange to see me like that when I used to be about 30 pounds heavier—but that was years and years ago. I still have my “fat” picture that I show people when they act like I don’t know what it’s like to carry a few extra points.

    As one “friend” said after seeing it, “You look like you were stung by a bee!” Yes, a chubby face will look like that won’t it. 🙂

  3. rocket says:

    You know, I almost wanted to take that back.

    I got to thinking after I posted it that it would just be like me to comment on your thin, lithe figure, and find out that you had a medical condition or an eating disorder.

    I’m glad you’re just disciplined.

    Vegetarian! That’s an ancient Aboriginal word for “bad hunter”, isn’t it? ;0)

  4. Bridgett says:

    Hmm Rocket,

    Didn’t even think about the disease/eating disorder angle. Wish I did.

    Okay, strike my last commet post and insert this one instead:

    Oh Rocket,
    A burger sounds really good. I’m having some challenges keeping food down, because of the chemo…but at least I haven’t lost my hair yet. That’s a blessing. Just happy to still be alive.


    Oh that is SO non-PC. I apologize in advance if I’ve offended anyone. But I think it’s funny and will not delete this comment b/4 posting.

    Here’s a guy trying to have fun as he’s dying of the deadliest cancers.

    The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

    We are all gonna die right? Might as well live in that reality since it’s true. No one has evaded death (well, one quickly rose after dying, but that’s a whole other topic)so might as well face the facts and live accordingly.


  5. rocket says:

    Well, that seals the deal.

    I officially like Amway IBO’s more than TEAM people.

    At least there’s a sense of humor without all the rah-rah and worshiping of people.

    While I have a few Amway folks, could one of youse email me?

    I have questions about the legal fund.

  6. Anna28 says:

    Again Dave thanks for bringing back some great memories!!! Prague is one of my all time favorite European cities!!!! I guess I should look at my photo’s more…thanks for reminding me how great of a place that is!!!! I do remember that we went there in March on our way to Romania (strange place to visit…I know) and we had our baby who at the time was 4 months old and many of the resturants we went to kinda freaked out that we were bringing a 4 month old in!!!! But they were nice just the same!!!

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