Dave Joins Passport

Remember that defunct Multi-Level Marketing company called Passport?

Yeah, I didn’t join that.

What I did do is; I joined those people that are able to travel out of the country. I got my own Passport.

It was an ordeal.

I found out about two weeks ago that I would have to travel out of the United States. There were a few problems, though.

The travel plans were within three weeks AND I had no Passport.

Acquiring a Passport normally takes 3-6 weeks provided you have all the paperwork handy. Well, I have moved several times in the past 5 years and I could not find my birth certificate proving I was born the poor son of Sharecropper parents in the state of Mississippi in the good “ole” USA. To get a birth certificate would require about 2 weeks through normal channels. But, I only have two weeks to get my Passport.

So, I have to pay extra to have the birth certificate expedited, so I can then pay extra to get my Passport expedited.

Last Monday, I call in to the “birth certificate folks” and give them a credit card number and I’m told “3-5 days”; which is cutting it close for my Passport–but good luck, karma, and the “will of the gods” has my birth certificate in my hot little hands the next day. (Bureaucrats can work fast, when you are nice to them)

Then the wife and I make a trip over to New Orleans to the District State Department division and hand them all the paperwork and some more extra money. We are told we can have my Passport in about 4 hours.

So, we go eat lunch and walk around the French Quarter. (Not a bad deal when you think about it)

At 4:30, we are headed back to Mobile, Al; and I am “legal” to travel the world.

I’ll fill you in on the details of the impending trip later on in the week, but suffice it to say that now “On The Road With Dave” will be on a few international roads very soon.

About Dave Robison

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3 Responses to Dave Joins Passport

  1. rocket says:

    Looking forward to an update Dave!

    Hopefully you won’t be sworn to secrecy.

  2. kathleen says:

    I wondered if you were going to tackle the passport thing! Looks like you HAVE been ‘sworn’ to secrecy, judging from the info we’re not getting from you! All I’ve seen is this post and a Facebook status about getting ready to go to the Czech Republic. Sounds pretty ominous! 😉 Have a great trip! We’ll all be looking for the updates.

  3. Nothing ominous or secretive…a few other people traveling where I am going have been talking about it quite a bit on other websites/blogs.

    I was waiting to reveal details after I had actually received details.

    I promise an entry this week explaining the details.


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