Chronicles Of Prague / Part 5


First, let me say, I slept late. After I got back to the hotel the night before, I took the plunge and grabbed a Pepsi(Damn, no Dr. Pepper) from the Mini-Bar( I know, I splurged, but I was in Prague; cut me some slack) and I took two Nyquil PLUS my prescribed cough medicine with the miracle cough suppressant codeine and I slept.

Wednesday morning, I availed myself to the complimentary breakfast buffet and then went to the shops next door to the hotel and bought a pack of cigarettes. The lady at the newsstand helped me with my Czech koruna or crowns currency. I had some coins and was trying to use a larger bill and she needed coins. She was nice and no, she didn’t try to overcharge the “redneck” from Alabama.

A light snow was falling outside and I stood outside smoking and watching the morning pedestrian traffic.

I can’t recall if I saw any of my fellow Bloggers Five that morning, but it was scheduled that we were having lunch together along with Robin Luymes and Dino Baskovic, the Panel Discussion moderator.

I decided to go take a shower and put on my suit.

Now, I have to tell you, the conference was “business casual”; which meant that a suit wasn’t necessary. But, I NEEDED a new suit and this trip was a perfect excuse to go buy a new one. I remember while my wife and I were shopping for it, I kept joking with her that I wanted an “Amway suit”–blue suit, white shirt, red tie; the unofficial, or maybe even official, uniform of the “Amway Motivational Organizations”. She, of course, threaten me with bodily harm at the suggestion.

Instead, I bought a dark, chocolate suit(modern cut, for you fashionistas)with a thin almost indistinguishable pin stripe. I wasn’t happy with the cuffs. The tailor made them shorter than I was used to. (Something about “that” being the style) I’m used to a cuff that hits you past the wrists near the palm. That’s probably very “eighties” of me. Anyway, I looked good. Trust me.

Anyway, I went back downstairs, wearing my new suit and my “David Robinson” name tag and saw the other bloggers talking. Somebody mentioned that “I clean up good”. (Told ya that I looked good) I think I confused them when I asked them if they were “talking about Amway in Prague”. I mentioned that Prague was the “Porn Capital” Of Europe; did anybody want to discuss that. Nobody seemed to want to change the subject, oh well, I guess I won’t give you the actual link to Big Sister Dot Net.

Dino Baskovic and Robin Luymes joined us a bit later. I remember “Bridgett” asking Dino if he was tired or stressed. He seemed a bit harried.

Dino wanted to eat lunch with us and give us a little pre-panel discussion preparation.

Two things stuck out to me on the “prep”.

Dino said that the conference attendees “get it” when it comes to the Internet; but the blogging phenomena and how Alticor was embracing it was new to them.

And we were told that the conference attendees REALLY wanted to hear our opinions.

This was not to be a “PR gimmick”. Blogging, and what we had to say about it was important to these people.

Oh, and I guess one other thing stuck out. Dino was very worried about us eating lunch on time. The conference sessions had started on schedule for the entire conference; Dino didn’t want to break the streak.

Robin Luymes told Dino to relax. Yes, the sessions had been starting on time, so if this one didn’t, it’d be okay. Robin said, “We’ll tell’em the bloggers had to eat!”

I thought, “Yeah, the bloggers have to eat. ‘We be blogging’, we be eatin'”.

I still ended up leaving half my club sandwich(yeah, I opted for “American cuisine”) on my plate.


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3 Responses to Chronicles Of Prague / Part 5

  1. Bridgett says:

    Dave said, “I remember “Bridgett” asking Dino if he was tired or stressed. He seemed a bit harried.”

    Why is my name in quotes. That’s really my name. Dino’s not in quotes. Robin’s not it quotes.
    It’s ’cause I really wasn’t there, was I? It was a character of me in a parallel universe, right? 🙂

    Did I really say that to Dino? What is wrong with me? Must I say everything that I’m thinking, especially to someone I’ve known less than five minutes?

    And I was probably the one stressing Dino out, well, we all were. Remember we were standing outside the door of the conference room with all the employees inside? And Dino came out to “talk” to us, but really it’s ’cause we were being too loud? The lunch was a ploy to get the crazy bloggers away before they were ready for us.

    When Dino said “get it”. I don’t think any of us knew what “it” was. Someone asked and I think it was clarified that the “it” was certain “issues” some of have with the biz. And he wanted to make sure that we didn’t get into debating the issues we blog about, but wanted the discussion to be about blogging in general.

    For the record, even though I had just finished breakfast less than an hour earlier, I ate half of my cabbage soup and half of my Cesear salad.

    By the way, I really did like seeing everyone dressed up. All you men looked real good in them suits.

  2. rocket says:

    Glad to hear you didn’t go with the Amway classic style.

    Enjoying these posts Dave.

  3. Bridgett(no quotation marks)

    Sorry about that, it was a typo, a mistake, a brain fart. Won’t happen again, Bridgett is your real name.

    You’re right he did want us not to get into the “debate” of our issues we blog about; but I did “get” what he meant by “getting it”.

    It’s a common theme I have had talks with Eric Jannsen about.

    He used to say that Quixtar didn’t “get” the Internet at first. And for a while they didn’t.

    Dino just wanted us to know that we’d be speaking to people that weren’t oblivious to what is taking place on the Internet regarding Quixtar’s reputation and what bloggers, like us, were/are writing about.


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