Chronicles Of Prague / Part 2

BLOGGER’S NOTE: I was suffering from bronchitis prior to my trip, and upon returning it was worse. That’s a blog entry in itself, but I’m feeling somewhat better and will now continue the Prague series.


Tuesday Morning I arrived in Amsterdam with a layover that was to last several hours. Amsterdam is a huge airport that seems to be constantly under construction.

QUICK TRAVEL TIP: The descent into Amsterdam is a slow steady descent in stages. (probably due to air traffic) The entire descent takes about 30 minutes and if you suffer from any sinus condition, the wait can be painful and your hearing may become non-existent. Depending on your condition, things will not return to normal for some time after being on the ground.

The airport shopping areas are huge and diverse. Food, Merchandise, and Currency Exchangers are plentiful. In the market for a Cartier watch or diamond ring? Then this is the place to shop while you wait for your connection.

I wasn’t interested in shopping, I was excited that I would be meeting frequent blog commenter and fellow panelist, Tex. We would be flying on the same flight from Amsterdam to Prague.

As I wandered around my Gate area, I passed Tex several times. Being at a disadvantage at not knowing what Tex looked like, I still couldn’t help noticing this tall–tall guy also walking around. Objectively…he was a young looking, attractive guy with a a carry on bag. Luckily, I have no shame and have my photos plastered all over the Internet and Tex finally recognized me, even after my overnight flight disheveled look.

He caught my eye and asked, “Dave?”


We shook hands and exchanged the usual “How was your flight?” pleasantries and began talking like new friends.

Any assumptions that readers of Tex may have of what he might be like in person; let me just put them to rest. HE’S A NICE GUY.

A family man, a guy with a good job, and a man with a life outside of his message about Quixtar and Amway tool systems. Also, he’s pretty damn funny with some good stories about his life. The time at the airport passed quickly.

We finally got our boarding call and went through a Passport check and I thought we were boarding the plane. Instead we boarded a bus and began a drive to our airplane. Remember when I told you about the construction at Amsterdam Airport? Well, we got to see it all, as the bus maneuvered through a maze of barricades, netting, and equipment towards the KLM tarmac.

Tex remarked, “Maybe they’re just driving us to Prague?”

We disembarked the bus, and headed over to our plane and up the steps. I found my seat and settled in for the hour flight to Prague and a little rest before all the activity of the conference was to begin.

Then I heard Tex’s voice a few seats behind me talking to another passenger.

“Would you mind trading seats with my friend up there, so we could sit together?. He has an aisle seat, too.”

Then an attractive woman says to me, “Would you like to switch seats?”

Now, I had no problem sitting with Tex; but I had already settled into the cramped seat and I didn’t want to cause an inconvenience to the lady and I suppose I hesitated just a tick, before answering. Then I hear Tex(along with everyone around me) say,

“Well, I guess I should have said, MY REAL GOOD friend”

Everyone laughs, and I make a big deal by saying, “Oh wow, if he’s gonna say REAL GOOD friend, I guess I should sit with him.

The lady and I make the switch and Tex and I settle in for more pleasant conversation about Quixtar, motivational tools and the upcoming conference.

Needless to say, the trip passed by quickly.

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2 Responses to Chronicles Of Prague / Part 2

  1. Tex says:

    Just a couple of minor adjustments to our initial story Dave. I did walk past you once as I was trying to stretch my legs after the trip from Detroit to Amsterdam, and passed you once as you headed toward the gate area. I thought you were Dave, and decided to see if you went to the end, where our gate was, prior to introducing myself. I didn’t want folks to get the idea I was circling and stalking you.

    Also, I want to be clear I didn’t wait for you to settle down prior to changing seats, but I did wait for the woman to show up prior suggesting the seat change. I’m not stupid, if she was gorgeous, why would I want to sit next to you? Just kidding. Also, I recall saying, “Well, I THOUGHT he was my friend”, loud enough for others to hear, which got some chuckles, then later said I should have indicated you were my GOOD friend, in order to get you to move more enthusiastically. Plus, it was only one row back from your seat. Not trying to be picky, just want to accurate.

    I found you to be a very engaging and interesting guy, especially now that I know you were not feeling very well, recovering from your illness and the long flight from Memphis.

  2. You’re not being picky; I’m writing from notes and memory.

    Still, it’s a funny story that cracks me up.

    AND, the lady wasn’t “gorgeous” but she was fairly attractive if I remember correctly(I always remember women as being attractive, better stories)

    So, you might have had a better time on the flight talking to her.

    All in all, It was great traveling with you. I’d do it again.


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