Chronicles Of Prague / Part 1

I didn’t take a laptop with me on my recent trip to the Czech Republic and I didn’t want to take advantage of anyone there with a laptop as access was expensive. So, I now will recount the trip for you over the next several blog entries.


Monday afternoon, My wife took me to Mobile Regional Airport. We arrived about two hours ahead of my departure as was recommended for international flights. Of course, Mobile Airport is a mere hub and while there were many travelers, it probably wasn’t necessary to arrive so early.

I checked my luggage and received my boarding passes for all my connecting flights. One problem at “check-in”: my Last Name. Alticor had purchased my ticket and had misspelled my name–RobiNson instead of Robison. Not a big deal, except that my Passport would not scan “approval” because of the spelling difference. A quick note written on the Airline computer and my electronic ticket and the problem was solved.

I kissed my wife good bye, grabbed a last cigarette, and headed to Security. I breezed through their check, waited about a half hour and boarded the plane to Memphis. Mobile to Memphis–51 Minutes.

QUICK TRAVEL TIP–Memphis International Airport has designated smoking areas. Smoking is allowed inside Maggie O-Shea’s which is located in Terminal B before security and inside the Blue Note Cafe which is located in the A/B passenger connector just beyond the B security checkpoint. Smoking is not allowed on the patio.

I had almost two hours at Memphis before flying through the night to Amsterdam, but by the time I grabbed something to eat and a quick smoke, There was already a line for boarding. The diversity of people leaving Memphis, Tennessee to Amsterdam was interesting; from “rednecks” and good ole boys like myself, to business people and others carrying various forms of international papers and identification.

I was pleasantly surprised to board an Airbus jet owned by Northwest. Airbus parent company, EADS recently won a major military contract to make refueling tankers in Mobile, Alabama. It was going to be cool to ride one of their products.

With comfortable seats, a full in-flight entertainment system including video games, and a roster of about 20 current and classic on-demand videos; we took off into the night. I enjoyed a fairly okay plate of pasta, a showing of “No Country For Old Men”(terrible ending), and some conversation with my seat mate.

I then closed my eyes and settled in as the plane continued on into the night for an additional 5000 ground miles towards Amsterdam.

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8 Responses to Chronicles Of Prague / Part 1

  1. rocket says:

    Welcome back Dave.

    More! More! More!

  2. Joecool says:

    Did you see insider there?

  3. Tex says:

    Yes, he is part of the discussion on “my” blog.

  4. Anna28 says:

    Dave, I am glad they invited you. I hope you had a good time!! Now spill with more details!!!!!!

  5. Joecool says:

    I looked at the Inside Quixtar site and nothing was mentioned about what was actually discussed and what the panel contributed.

    Looking forward to Dave’s part 2.

  6. I’ve been sick, snow and sleet in Prague and 18 hours of recycled airplane air wreaked havoc on my bronchitis.

    UPdates coming this weekend, possibly tonight.(Friday)


  7. rocket says:

    Sorry to hear you haven’t shook that off yet Dave.

    Get well soon.

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