Canadian Bloggers Set To Invade Mobile, Alabama

A few days ago I was contacted by a representative from FreshBooks. Freshbooks is a Canadian software firm.

I think evidence will show that I have associated with a Canadian every now and then. But three of Freshbook’s “tech guys” including the CEO, Michael McDerment, are planning a trip across the Southeastern United States on a whirlwind promotion–“thanks to our clients”–can we live in an RV for a week–tour; and one of their stops en route will be Mobile, Alabama on March 3rd.

Mike McDerment has two successful start-ups to his name, along with being the founder of Canada’s Mesh Conference.

Michael’s traveling companions will be Sunir Shah and Saul Colt.

Sunir is most well-known for building up the wiki community through MeatballWiki, including his most recent project, BibWiki.

Saul Colt likes to build stuff, but since he isn’t that handy he chooses to assist in growing great companies. As Zipcar Inc’s first international employee, Saul launched the company’s first foray into the Canadian market and was instrumental in getting the Toronto operation off the ground. Saul is a respected publisher, having led his company SSS Comics to infamy, super-hero style.

So, do they want to visit the USS Alabama? Tour The RSA Tower? The Last Appomattox?

No. They want to have a beer with yours truly, Dave Robison.

They’ll be on their RoadBurn Tour and they want to meet and drink with fellow blogger of “On The Road With Dave.” I’m still trying to figure out where the great International USA/Canadian Blogger Meet-Up will take place.

Beer and Oysters at Wintzell’s? Or an old-fashioned Bar Crawl on Dauphin?

Can a poor Mississippi boy living in Alabama hold his liquor against some tech-savvy Canadians? We will see.

And believe me, there’ll be photos to share.

About Dave Robison

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3 Responses to Canadian Bloggers Set To Invade Mobile, Alabama

  1. Kimmy says:

    Wow Dave, sounds like you are schmoozing with some movers and shakers now! International schmoozing at that! I bet you never thought your MySpace page and blog would lead to this! LOL

    Love, your old friend
    Kimmy 🙂

  2. rocket says:

    Ha! Top notch Dave!

    Careful though, my hoser compatriots may very well drink you under the table eh?

    Have a good time, and suck back a Corona for me.

  3. saulcolt says:

    Hey Dave,

    We are looking forward to meeting up with you. One thing I should warn you is when we get too much “drink” in us we randomly start challenging people to dance offs!

    (FreshBooks Guy)

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