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I have added two new links to my “Links That I Like” section.

Both are sorta related. One, I have read for a long time and have blogged about in the past. The other is one that was referred to me by the first.

Clinton Detweiler taught me and thousands others the art of ventriloquism through his company, Maher Studios and the Maher Home Study Course in Ventriloquism. Clinton also wrote a newsletter called “Newsy Vents”. I told my readers about Clinton when he retired in 2006, with “Happy Retirement, Mr. Detweiler”.

Clinton hasn’t exactly slowed down since he sold the studio and is still creating and repairing ventriloquist dummies for his many clients. He also is still writing “Newsy Vents” except, it’s now his weblog updating readers almost daily on new projects and stories about budding and professional ventriloquists.

Clinton’s blog, Newsy Vents is one of my newest links in the sidebar.

Next up,

Some of my readers know that I didn’t graduate college until I was 31. I took a Journalism and Public Relations degree and opened a video production company. My company worked with corporate clients in producing public relations and safety videos. It was my thinking, that if I could not be famous in front of the camera, then I would become famous behind the camera.

Ventriloquist Dale Brown had another idea. He brought his art of ventriloquism into his Public Relations company. Dale and his partner “Chip Martin” worked together using ventriloquism and “regular” public relations techniques and skills to service their many clients. Chip is the editor of the firms’ newsletter to clients.

Thanks to Clinton Detweiler; I learned of the “Chip Martin” Blog when Clinton advised his readers to “Seriously, Check This Out”.

“The ‘Chip Martin Blog’ contains brief marketing, PR and IT tips along with fun bits of humor from Chip. The posts are brief, pertinent and useful. As a ventriloquist businessperson, I’d encourage you to check out Chip’s blog. Not only are the posts seriously helpful, they are designed to bring a smile to your face occasionally as well.

Chip is the business partner of ventriloquist Dale Brown. Many of you know Dale through his lectures at the Vent Haven conventions. Or through his books written for vents: Audience Participation, Banquet Performing, Trade Show Ventriloquism, Making It Up As You Go (Ad-libbing), and Putting Money Where Your Mouth Is (Marketing).”

Remember, Brown and Martin, Inc offers tips from the Public Relations field to all businesspeople, not just ventriloquists…an MLM person could benefit, too.

“Chip Martin’s Blog” is now featured in the sidebar of “On The Road With Dave”

Two new links–covering two different topics–they are “Links That I Like”

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