“MySpace” For The “Artsy” Crowd

I discovered a new blog today by Jenny Ryan. A Google alert led me to a story on her experience at a “Stand-Up” comedy workshop. But the front page of “Using My Powers for Good” was a short entry on a new social networking site for the “creative types”

Bldg98.com is for writers, artists, photographers, graphic artists, readers, critics, basically anyone who appreciates creativity created by people who share that love. You don’t have to be the “artsy” type to be a member, we only ask you respect everyone’s ideas and lifestyles as this is a community built on love and respect. We welcome everyone to join us.

While the site says you don’t have to be “artsy” to be a member, it does have that “artsy” look and feel once you delve into it. Unfortunately, you can’t browse much of the site without first, going ahead and joining.

Once you are a member of the site, you become a “tenant” and you can join groups, or read “the wall” and make new friends and maybe attend workshops. I checked–there’s no sex on the elevators.

For me, it was disappointing to find out that there was no “Stand-Up Comedy” or “Comedy” category to describe myself, or those poor souls like me. I chose “Writer” upon joining; and commented in my profile page that I was a comedian. I suppose that will have to suffice.

For writers and such, the site promotes a sidebar for members that have titles available through Amazon.

Your profile page allows sufficient space for uploading examples of your work, be it poetry, photos of sculpture, photos of whatever, and book reviews, and critiques.

There are still less than 500 members(excuse me–tenants) at the site. (I was, like, member 420-something)

If you haven’t totally geeked out on every other social networking site on the Internet, and you feel you need just ONE more profile page “out there”, then by all means, take a look at Bldg98.com

 UPDATE: JANUARY 2016–Bldg98.com is no longer active on the Internet and is no longer archived at The Internet Archive due to robot.txt restrictions


UPDATE: DECEMBER 2017–All the archives of “Using My Power For Good” are now located at “Cranky Fibro Girl” along with new entries from Jenny Ryan and her journey with chronic illness. The Bldg98 link featured here at my blog redirects to the Internet Archive site; where you can get a feel for how her site looked way back then.

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  1. Jenny Ryan says:

    Hey, Dave!

    Thanks for the mention.

    🙂 Jenny

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